Kings Niche -- Multiple Bugs

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: ALL
Region: ALL
Mods?: NO
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

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There are three bugs in this same area:

First, the NPC pathing is horrible both thrall and hostile NPCs have to teleport to get through the doors.

Second, the skins on the props are on backward you see them as broken/transparent unless you stand close and turn the camera around to look at them from inside and then they look fine.

Third, the boss has lost his weapon I mean he has been dead for a long time so it’s probably memory loss but he does almost no damage with his punches and kicks making it a rather easy fight.

“The inner room has a legendary skeleton boss The Tortured King, armed with a long spear.”

Expected Behavior:

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Correct pathing for NPCs

Textures applied the correct way around

Someone to hand the tortured king a spare spear and lets pretend he never lost it no reason to make him feel bad

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TeleportPlayer -229819.390625 -43067.882813 -1845.992554

Pop over and have a look?

Something else that seems to be going on with this guy and the undead boss in Siptah that also gives the bandages is that harvesting them with a star metal pickaxe modded with an advanced tool upgrade results in no bandages at all.

I haven’t tested it enough to be absolutely sure but it has happened several times. Using an unmodded pickaxe works fine. Thought I’d add this when I saw this post.

The Tortured King and his clone on Siptah (Xanarus?) have lost their spears and only punch since the last big patch. Also about 1/4 of the undead sailors are also punching and my guess is these also had spears.

The amount of wraps is a lot more variable now. I’ve gotten no wraps twice, but usually 10-30 and sometimes more.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue. It was reported recently and our team is currently looking into it.

Thanks for the report.