Kings Niche (Press E to interact) Fail

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug , Misc
Region: Kings niche

I found some ghosts. Three of them. One seemed like it was etching something into a pillat, or the ground. I found a (press E to interact) on the pillar by him, But nothing happens. I climbed all over the pillar, and even looked around in ghost mode, and there is nothing there to press E on.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

There is a hard to spot book there.
the press E to interact triggers in a large area, but you can only really hit E when your mouse is on the book. Its on the other side of the pillar (not the side the ghosts appear on)

That is just it, there is no book there, I searched the whole area. Even down into the room that is there. And I was careful to look everywhere. The Notice only comes up on the pillar. But I get no notice or anything when I hit E.

It’s a bug that will hopefully be fixed soon. The book used to be sitting plainly visble, but somehow it got repositioned underground in one of the patches.

The Raknys journal in the middle of the lake in the Mounds of the Dead is (or was) the same.