Mount of the deads hidden recipe

Has someone figured out where is the book we are supposed to interract with ?
As i show on these screens, 2 ghosts give the hint of an obtainable recipe/emote. When i step forwards i get the message “press E to interract” but i can’t figure out where the book exactly is.
So either it’s not implemented yet, or i simply don’t see it.
Any info would be welcome.

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the book is there, its just bugged and a bit under the surface, so you cant see it. it must be between the two ghost

Thanks a lot mate!
Ok so it was just under my feet then…:slight_smile:
will check that.

you re welcome, passed there also 3 times till i decided to spam E and found it :smiley:

Known bug. It`s fixed internal, but will not be in for launch. Keep reporting issues, we are happy for all reports.


ok thanks for confirming because i went back there and was still unable to locate the book although the pop up “press E to interract” does trigger on screen as you see here (it’s french!)


Did you fix the book at King’s Niche internally, too?

Same as the other, yes. Fixed internally.

Awesome. Thanks. My streaming group will need a while anyway before we’re high enough to “Grand Tour” all the books in the North, in any case.

Oh! Question: Are there going to be new books like the one in the North in the Swungle? Or like the Razma books that are more plot relevant?

Ran-San do you have an exact location for Razma’s journal #8 you can give me? I want to complete the collection.’s_Journals#Razma’s%20Journal%20%238 - It’s there including coordinates.

Ran-san thank you, I also found your previous post you did to me so I am good. Wonder where they will put that last journal finally?

Ran-san; I swear that I have found Salaceo Scribes note close to a pile of bones in one of the Darfari camps near the Dregs, do you happen to know where it is? I have found it several times now in the same place and keep forgetting to get my coordinates for my notes?

The only Salaceo’s note that I know of is the “Salaceo’s Instructions” that’s random drop off of Black Hands on the Black Galleon. The only “note” I’m aware of is the Harlot’s Journal in the camp in front of the Dregs.

Thanks for the reply, there is a note, written on a piece of bark, found around the Dafari River watch camp. I have already found it in thie play through so I can’t write down the location but NEXT play through I will remember to record it. It refers to Salaceo’s Instructions and how the scribe was suspicious of Saleceo so he didn’t quite right out the perfect instructions to that treasure chest. Let me know if you want the wording of it and I will send it .

Solved/fixed with last big mother patch:

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