Klael's Stronghold [Arena-Champion]

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug | Performance]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Official Server #1030]

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Hello Funcom Team.

At the moment we try to make the Klael’s Stronghold. The first Boss (Arena-Champion) is so overpowerd. He is killing me with 3 Hits (Level 60, legion armor, def skill, all elixir) my friend lvl 58 with heavy armor and def-skill, my level 12 Snowhunter (heavy armor) and a Berserker level 8 with heavy armor. It is normal? before the patch comes, we make the Klael’s Stronghold good. 30 Seconds to kill a snowhunter :open_mouth: We all die in under a minute :frowning:

Thanks for your help

Pretty sure this is still intended. She really isn’t hard to defeat if you prepare properly. I can link you some videos on how to do it if you want.

Nothing against your point of view on her difficulty but I for one don’t want her to be less difficult she is an example of how dangerous the exiled lands should feel.


It should also remain heavy. Before the patch, I also looked at them and that with poor armor. Why doesn’t that work now …

I think I understand your question is, Why is it different now?

Here are the most recent update patch notes regarding changes to followers. The Arena Champion was not changed, She now demands that the player character be involved in the fight. I have only found 2 thralls so far that were able to defeat her solo and even that I would say was by chance as they were very low on health at the end of the fight.

*Re-balanced followers HP and damage across the board.

  • Reduced HP gain by an average 33%. Some high tier followers received an additional 16% reduction on their base values.
  • Reduced melee damage by an average 40%.
  • Reduced ranged damage by an average 30%.
  • Removed the penalties for thralls who use attacks outside of their specialization.
  • Reduced the HP for world bosses, dungeon bosses, and group content bosses by an average of 35-40%. *

Here is a link to the full patch notes should you wish to read them.


i know the Patch-notes … I understand. He is killing 2 guys with high-armor with 3 hits a snowhunter and a berserker. Gratz and closed

Yeah… that’s how hard that boss is supposed to be. You’re not expected to just let thralls do the fighting. They are meant to supplement your power, not BE your power. The late-game dungeons were designed for groups of several players who fight and behave like players (IE: Dodge rolling out of the way, avoiding attacks, trading aggro, and using various strategies). Your thralls simply face-tank everything, and this now has the same result against bosses as you trying to face-tank something. If you take thralls to these places now, you can expect them to die in most situations if you try to have them be the majority of the encounter.

Go in with several players, and if you do take thralls load up their entire inventory with 10hp/s food and bring several hundred healing arrows for them, and several dozen bandages each for yourselves along with plenty of aloe soup and cleansing brew. Then play smart and use the mechanics of the encounter as well as the game to defeat it.

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This may be a shocker for the OP and probably a lot of people but this boss became the biggest joke after the archery change. Yes you hear that right, you don’t even need a thrall with you.

-Poison arrows (set arrows)
-Hardened Steel Bow at a minimum.
-Don’t even need armor…no kidding on this one.
-30 accuracy minimum, the rest could be whatever you want.

Start the encounter with her, shoot at her legs to keep her cripple, stacking poison 10, and once in a while power shoot for a knock down, she will never touch you, at all, ever…@Alcara_one

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Yup actually made a video showing this the other day. She is super easy not even a threat.


Nice, I have to see that, didn’t know you had a video already :joy:. When you know, you know! Cheers

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The dungeon can also be completed without encountering the Arena Champion. There’s a shortcut through the wall just before the Arena so you can bypass her and go straight for the big boss. You miss out on her potential drops, but I don’t consider the risk-reward factor favorable enough to even try taking her out.


I agree, it’s not worth it. It’s better to get around it. One mistake and you have to go through the whole dungeon first. If someone has so much time, then ok, but it does not inspire me

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Good call. I would have sworn that hole in the wall was closed ages ago, but it seems I was mistaken. :sweat_smile:


On the OP’s original topic, while it is nice having some actual challenges in the game, it’s pretty odd when there’s a singular mid-boss (not even an end boss) whose damage output feels like it’s an order of magnitude beyond everything else in the game.

The only other fight I can think of with a similar insta-lethality to a level 60 in proper gear is if one gets surrounded by Cimmerian Berserkers during that purge. But even that doesn’t hold the same guarantee of death for a thrall, and that’s mostly on the player for not minding their surroundings.

Just seems incongruous, esp when it’s so easy to bypass or win via cheese. Personally, I’d prefer if difficulty was achieved via clever tactics, hazards, etc. rather than a hidden “surprise, your favorite thrall is dead” trap.

On the bright side, at least we can see our follower’s health bars again, so we might have a chance to save them. Personally, I’m curious to see which of my thralls will finally be alive with me at the end of this fight. So far lost a lvl 8 Dal, and a level 11 Berserker whilst actively fighting alongside and healing them.

Got a score to settle now! :laughing:


Thats way she is champion… also if u play in PVE go there with friends or some friendly players… we basically killed her with snowhunter level15 and Berzerker level 20… just use right armor on them and healing arrows… She is killed in 1 minute… by only thralls, but u can speed up if u want by helping them… but Use HP arrows and stay away…

After I crouch through the shortcut in the wall, I put down a bedroll at the T. If you die, you are very close to your corpse. I usually have a chest there as well so that I can empty my inventory before fighting her. When fighting her I lead her towards the exit.

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Good points here. Why are there not more bosses that hit this hard? Most bosses you just slap whatever armor on your thrall give’m some gruel and a mace then stand back and wait. Maybe shoot a healing arrow.

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It’s the same as the crit thing. Someone messed up damage by putting in % - it’s off by a factor 100.

Arena Champion is the most difficult fight in the game. Kills me more than all other bosses combined.

Have you guys considered going sword+board? (or axe). She’s still a human so the 4th heavy hit knocks her down. For me this is a 60 second fight that’s over with minimal damage to my thrall. :confused:

This fight feels like its working as designed, the champion hits super hard, but has a relatively low hit point pool making her a glass cannon.

Don’t forget about the Monstrous Sabretooth. That thing hits harder than most world bosses.

Thralls that can shake off almost any injury come out of that fight with chunks of themselves missing.

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