PS4 player Follower re-balancing with upcoming patch, what to expect?

If I understand things correctly, when the PS4 version receives the next patch, it will include the Follower re-balancing the PC version received with Update 41.

I was hoping some PC players could share some information about their experiences with this change.

  1. Does it affect all Followers, placed,being broken/grown, and unplaced?

  2. How severely did the changes have an effect on your gameplay strategies?

  3. Which change was most noticeable?

  4. Anything else with regards to the changes you find relevant.

Thanks in advance.

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I think the only changes made were to combat thralls specifically, and not all thralls in general. The patch notes reads “Re-balanced followers HP and damage across the board”, so it’s perhaps a bit ambiguous. I’m not sure if the changes also apply to pets, but I assume it does. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think any follower that has been placed before the patch is released will be unaffected by changes.

Minimal when the thrall was sufficiently leveled or if it was a quality thrall, but for some of the lesser thralls, some babysitting may be required to keep them alive at lower levels.

IMO, the reduction in thrall HP

I think they did a good job of balancing it. They reduced thrall HP and damage but also reduced world boss HP to shave off some of the grind associated with farming legendaries, while leaving normal world mobs mostly unaffected. Avatars were worked on, mostly to try to prevent exploits, but also to address some balance issues. It caused a slight change in who is the “best thrall” competition, but not enough to worry about unless you want to be in the top 0.1%. The balance changes were primarily intended to address PvE and group content. I don’t have any PvP experience in C.E. so I can’t answer to that aspect of it.

Link to patch notes for convenience.

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That someone is gonna be me. The damage modifier will stay the same but the HP changes also apply to placed thralls


Appreciate the details. I don’t know everything and any claims to the contrary can be easily debunked.

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