Knocked out thrall stay unconscious

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Official pvp 1530z Yesterday I knocked out couple of devotee and leave them on the ground. After more than 24 hours when I logged back in the server, they are still unconscious. If some one knocked out a thrall and drag it some where and lost it, the thrall won’t even be able to recover and run back. This would cause the names thrall never respawn again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same thing on PvE 1048. Didnt bother me earlier, but now someone lost Armorer from Mounds of The Dead somewhere and it cannot respawn. More then 50h in 6 days farming for Cimmerian T4(unsuccessful) and now I cannot continue :[

Check server setting for “thrall wakeup time”. Should be 900 seconds if it’s same as before untouched.

It’s set to 900. It’s obvious bug. Thralls “wake up” only on server restarts…

I can confirm… as I observed this effect too on my server… it seems the wake-up time counter if not running for them, unless there’s a player in the vicinity.

EDIT: Or at least, that’s my working hypotheses :stuck_out_tongue: As I cannot see the code.

What lead me to that idea is the runs I did to the the Black Hand ship… I knocked most of them unconscious and piled them up in a spot near the mountains (the ones I didn’t need), and manage to capture a few that I wanted… all of the rest were left there unconscious.

After I placed them on the wheel, I went away from the area, to another base altogether… and disconnected from the server (but left the server running ofc.) and when I login again the ones I placed on the wheel of pain were already “cooked”, so I went to the ship again to get more… and the ones I left unconscious were still unconscious, in the same spot I left them the day before.

They only started to wake-up one by one after several minutes of me wandering around nearby in and out the ship searching for other thralls I needed… because, since I knock down every thrall instead of killing him/her, cleaning the ship takes ages for me.

I can confirm this too. Not only official Server, but also Dedicated Server too. This bug has started from the recent patch. (mother of all patch). Previously, I saw the unconscious thrall stand up ( after the certain time passed.) and attacked me. so I had to knock down the thrall again.