Knocked out thrall underground and flying animal

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type PvE
Region: [EU, 1004]

  1. Knock out NPC. NPC falls of a cliff. The name is visible, but the body is underground. When put on a rope, body spawns mid air, slowly falling to the ground.

  2. See a scorpion in the air, slowly elevating until not visible again.

    I have not seen any of those bugs in a while, so I presumed they have been repaired.
    Also, I guess those problems could be connected in origin, so I mention then in one post.

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Is that a Klingon Warship???


Now that you mention it… could be.
Maybe this is just one of the new content that devs left out of patch notes for us to discover. :nerd_face:


Flying gazelles were there before the patch…

I know, and several other flying animals some time ago.
And it is extremely possible that I was just (un)fortunate or not paying enough attention to observe it lately, so now doubling a known and not yet resolved issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a teary-eyed child somewhere missing their balloon.

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Hey @Meo

Thanks for the feedback, asking the arthropod space program to run their tests a little more privately.

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