Knocking out other players thralls

Can you no longer knock out other players def thralls?

Latest Patch took the fun away :confused:

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Why removing that ?

I was wondering this myself. To the targeted player there is no difference.

When actively fighting them, knocking them out was easier then actually killing them.

So you could just put a blunt weapon mod on a spear or other proper weapon and drop them like flies in a battle.

Is it all tamed thralls or just other people’s? If it is all thralls that have been tamed then I know why they did it. Their is an exploit where you can store stuff in a thrall by giving it to them,knock them out, and make them an item again. It was being used to hid things like avatar coins and high value loot. They would hid them in thralls that seemed to be worthless like a level 1 fighter.

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