Cant steal fighter thralls anymore

On an official PvP server, I used to be able to steal other peoples thralls by knocking them out. Has this been changed?

Thats strange, I thought I did it not too long ago, any idea if they are bringing it back?

Probably not, You should only be able to steal fighting thralls if they have not yet been placed into the world. Placed fighting thralls in my opinion should not be stealable anyway, only killable. But as to the exploit in question that zerog was referring to, it is not something that can be fixed without making it so that thralls can’t hold items in their inventories, So it is much better just having the whole knocking out of tamed thralls disabled.

So I don’t think this is something that will ever change again in the future, it’s not like it is something that was needed anyway.

And thats why there is a perk, where the thrall gets lesser concusion dmg…

I thought it would come back with this patch…

I thought that was going to get removed in the coming patch lol.

Thats a new perk which thralls can get.

At least Jens had such a thrall in a livestream.

Yeah but I think several things in that stream was confirmed to be “unintentional”, including the HP of the thrall. Then again, people have been managing to achieve similar numbers on the current build, so at this point… who knows!

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My level10 Dalinsia:

Just had a thrall get this perk, how pointless

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