Stealing on pve servers?

Since when is it possible for other players to steal thralls on pve servers? (1044)

Since when is it possible to steal other players thrall in general is the real question !
I shouldn’t be possible, of course.

Just to be sure, are you playing on OFFICIAL servers ?

If you drop inventory and some one else picks up from the loot bag, it will show as stealing. Thralls are inventory items until placed


Allright, thats a new one for me, thanks! Probably my brother gave someone a few thralls then, the scallywag.

thanks for explaining, much appreciated.

If you drop trade, it says the other player looted the item from you, not stole.

The only way to get an item “stolen” that I know of is to have them in a Siege Cauldron, which anyone can take from (and is currently the only way to have public access containers, so don’t “fix” them Funcom, unless you make an alternative first).

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The things you know… :blush:

It was not in a siege cauldron, my brother had the Relic Hunter walking the wheel, but its okay, I’ll be more carefull next time.

It is not be possible to steal from a Wheel on PvE…

But it is possible to steal an unconscious Thrall from someone.

Not in a way that would register as “stolen” in the event log.

Ok, remembered that it is logged, will test it when I get a chance.