Knowledge Points After Max Level

How can I get more knowledge points after maxing out my level.

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If you’re talking about Feats points, Fragments of Power give additional ones.


Tablet of Power Feat -


Combining the fragments into this completed piece has revealed secrets beyond the ages. Reading this tablet will grant you additional feat points, even beyond studying the individual fragments.


Grants 60 additional feat points when consumed.

The recipe to craft this is learned from a scroll found by turning in fragments of power to the scrollcase by the archivist in the Unnamed City.

One Fragment of Power gives 10pts of knowledge. One Tablet of Power cost 5 FoP to craft and gives 60 pts of knowledge.
You need around 18 to 20 ToP to be able to learn all Feats learnable with spending knowmedge points. I’m not sure about the exact number because I never spend points to learn a religion. I always go speak to the NPC for that. Since learning a religion cost 50pts, it’d mean you need more than 20 ToP. But if you aren’t interested by religion and learning any religion’s feats, it’s closer to 18 ToP to get enough knowledge points.

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