Korinto-kai enforcer uniform



Funcom I aint one for clothes perse but playing as an OLD UK PUNK Since 1977 ( Yes that long ) it occurs to me that your selection of erm punk clothing SUCKS … no offense , please please Consider releasing this Uniform as a buyable item if need be, its one of the better kick ■■■ uniforms in game but is not obtainable , I would gladly buy this … please pass this up for consideration to the Suits up stairs, Cheers T-F go ahead FC make my day


We don’t have access to that specific color combo, but the jacket is from the Neo Jammer set. The jacket itself is the High shouldered jacket, if you don’t like any other pieces from the set (none shown here).


Neo Jammer:


Over here, all you needed was buzzcut, army boots, jeans, leather jacket and everyone knew that you are HC/Oi Punk late 70/early 80 :stuck_out_tongue:

Having Black Flag or Terveet Kädet t-shirt also helped .


I think making the black color combination avaidable should be in the realm of possibility but it would be better to search for more cloths ingame that would be cool to have so they can include it as part of a bunch and don’t have to jump to cosmetics for one setcolor. #mankini