Lady Anarious- Find Errynaya at the mountain

Hi, please, I need help with this task. I have to find Lady Errynaya Anarious on some mountain. The task is very vague and I can’t find it. I searched everywhere, I didn’t find any information anywhere and no one can help me. Don’t know exactly where it is? The only information I found was that errynaya was on a mountain near Shattered bridge, but I didn’t find it after an hour of searching. Thank u!

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This is age of calamitous for anyone wondering. You can find her by following a path up the mountain that leads from noob river in that area. You will encounter scourge wolves and devil bears along the way. While it is south of the bridge and you can climb up to her, the easiest way is to follow a path just east of the bridge that heads south into the woods. Trying to keep it helpful but vague and non-spoilery for you.

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Thanks for your time, but I still don’t know. I’ve really been running in that area for X hours and I can’t find her.

So if you go south of the bridge direct, you will run into a very steep cliff face. She is up there and you can climb up to her. You’ll know youre in the right place because you will be beset by a ton of wolves. There is a path up if you follow the cliff east and around. There are wolves everywhere. After going up the path, it will dip and there are devil bears. She is to the right of that along a side path. Hope that helps.

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This afternoon I will try to post a screeny of the best start point if you havent found it already.

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Good! I have it! Thank u so much for ur time, i was absolutely lost …this Q discription is quite incomplete for smb like me :smiley: Thank u again!


To be honest, I was wondering , omg thanks man :+1:t6:.

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I was in this position two days after the underworld update… I died many times.

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What is age of calamitous?

Guys, I’m sorry that this is off topic, but I had an emergency, went to the server and saw that I didn’t have my house, the slaves were all in the air and nothing else, it was written in the logs that the administration removed the buildings, they didn’t use bugs, they didn’t break the rules. How to contact the administration?! Or where to apply? !!!

A popular fantasy mod for pc.

Servers run this? Is it Conan based or is it a makeover?

Its a map mod that can be run on private servers and single player that modifies the existing conan sandbox map. It adds stuff to the map as opposed to savage wilds which is an entirely new map. Age of Calamitous isn’t Conan lore friendly but has a fantasy lore all its own even though it still uses the base CE mechanics (because of course its a mod of CE). For the die hards who only want Conan lore involved, its not for them, but for people who want high fantasy elements, its a very deep and well put together mod with a ton of content including a magic system.

Thanks for the break down, I’ll have to look for a server to check that out on, sounds cool

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I dunno if it is still like this. But one of the issues (well features as its designed this way) I had with it, was its a sort of progression from 61-120.

But its all crafting based. Its just tiers added on for tiers sake. And while Vanilla Conan has this too somewhat. AoC seems to lack content to use the tiers in. For example, level 60 and below stuff with 70 or 80 tier stuff is extremely easy. There is no 70, 80, 90, etc. tier content to use those tiers in. The content stops at 60 and picks up at 120.

This may have been fixed since the last time I played with AoC (about a year ago). And I think they are working on a custom map which likely would fix that issue entirely. But it was one of the biggest hurdles.

Also you probably want to stick to Exiled Lands. Siptah and custom maps will require a ton of admin work to make them compatible. Its doable (I’ve done it with Siptah).

But outside those issues, the gear looks good, the magic system is interesting, and some of the content is fun to tackle.

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Same experience. Completely removes the lore and base game. Fun, but not Conan tbh.

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