Lag myths or facts? rented server ps4

Hey all my team and I are looking for FACT answers for Lag caused on our server.
we hear this and that about what causes it but it all seems to be hearsay.

  1. foundations: the more used and stacked = more lag.
    It seems to be true on ours, but we have played on other servers where we did not lag and the server was all huge foundation builds so ?
  2. flickering flames: people say use the glowing because the animation of the flame makes lag?
  3. Admin spawning Black box saying THRALL and or Dev XX spawns we hear it will lag a server and crash it?
  4. Rhinos /Elephants/ the weapon Quake all cause lag?
    PLEASE ONLY respond if you have a source and or know for sure about these things as we have been drowning in an ocean of hearsay Thanks so much to anyone that can clear these or other issues i have not listed.
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I’m not an expert but,

The Foundation thing was true, around two and a half years ago.
A redesign of the basic mesh has greatly reduced the problem.

The flames was true, I don’t know if it’s fixed.
I’m a PVP player I don’t use anything that could give away my location.

I don’t know about the admin thing.

I’ve never seen anything that would make me think an NPC elephant or otherwise caused lag.

I live in the Midwest USA, I sometimes play on EU servers without issue.
I believe lag is more about the internet traffic and the hub’s the data packets pass through than anything in the game.
But I have fiber internet.


I have heard the stories. Cap on our server is about 135 thralls and pets. Spawning in a where hyena ends up looking like a white haired man will shut down single player game my wife and I tested. Not going to try on my server to find out. Talked to a server owner who spawned in a rabbit she could no longer get on her own server. They had to wipe server to get back on these have happened on ps4 server. We build with foundations as walls and large my wife likes the sound off foundations falling into place. At the time horses came out and arena materials we did have problems for awhile with bad lag tons of placables and flaming torches where In our base. the last year things have been fairly sfmooth it’s a 20 slot server we have had for over 2 years I know this is not concrete. A couple of things I know happened and some speculation. I don’t think you find anything written in stone. If you do please let us know. Good luck to you.

On my server we have tested the foundations and while stacking does increase lag more than walls its not a significant amount like in previous years (the devs have worked on that).

Flickering flame torches were also tested and they proved to be a massive lag point we built two identical building 1 with flames one without and the difference between the two was insane, yes it takes a moment to render the radium or glow torches but once they are in thats it whereas the flames were constantly loading and we would lose textures and start rubber banding when close even blue screening.

As for admin thrall we have a few (witch queens ect) and tested the werewolf and haven’t experienced any issues.

As for rhinos and elephants I do know there is a ongoing issue with one of them (cannot remver which) that would crash a server when someone teleported with them, this has happened several times on my server and the cause was traced back to a clan that had rhinos and elephants once they were removed (the pets not players) the server stopped crashing.

I hope that helps, been running a server for nearly 2 years so tested most things.

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  1. The foundation block thing was because the server had to calculate claim radius and all that it effects for each and every block. So if you had one foundation block, it would run the calculation once. Two blocks, it would do it twice. A hundred, calculation ran a hundred times. etc. It wasn’t stacking them perse that caused problems. It’s just that stacking them meant running extra calculations for pretty much the same area as the block beneath. I know they did something to address this which helped quite a bit, but I’m uncertain as to the details.

  2. Generally speaking, anything that is based on animations or textures or visual effects are graphical lag, which is a different animal from server/network lag. In probably overly simplistic terms, graphical lag = how fast your computer can render things, server/network lag = how long it takes communication to travel between your computer and the server. But torches also have the temperature effect in CE, so it’s possible that there’s more to it than just your graphics card struggling to render somebody’s “Tower of a Thousand Torches”.

ps4 not pc :slight_smile:

Yes and a side note to say even glow stick has no animation but if you pile enough lights which all games I’ve played that allow building like or close to this has this problem but if enough light scores in a close pack it can increase the ——— I forgot what the name of it was :joy: but the brightness will lag and at least on single player can if enough crashes will corrupt the save file but don’t know how that works save wise on server but try to space out your lights to minimize lag/crash frequently

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Doesn’t matter. The PS4 has an upper limit on how much it can effectively render before it starts to struggle, just like any PC. The only difference between the two is that while that limit varies greatly between PCs depending on various specs, all PS4s have the exact same limit.

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Really? is there a gnome in that little box, or a microchip that just uses proprietary software? :wink:

Jezeli moge wlozyc swoje trzy groszs to powiem tak ze najwiekszym problemem jest wlasne lacze internetewe ale jest wyjatek pamietaj ze nie grasz sam na serwerze ping generuje kazdy graczy i tak naprawde serwer niewyrabia jezeli duzo graczy w tym samym czasie zaglada w przepelnione skarbce itp wszystkie stanowiska lub np interakcjia gdzie widzialem jak jeden clan zrobil 5 tysiecy klatek na ryby i jak sie tam przechodzilo to az konsola nie wyrabiala ludzie sa tacy ze nawet jak jest w conanie odpornosc na xieplo lub zimno to oni sa wstanie polozyc nawet 10 kominkow kolo siebie zeby jak cos nie udalo ci sie wspiac

You can likely rule out 1. ‘Admin spawning Black box saying THRALL and or Dev XX spawns’.

I dropped a few of these messing around on my server with no issues, and played on a server with a few of the Red Mother thralls handed out (that one did eventually have problems, but there was a suspect clan playing and some widescale server spats at the time).

The main problem with this kind of troubleshooting will be the likelihood of Thing A or Thing B causing the issue (flame rendering aside) but the combination of Thing A/B under certain circumstances being the trigger.

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