Laggs on servers with more than 20 ppl


So i have almost 900h Player, love this game but for now i am almost done.
Cant play on servee with more than 20 PPL becouse of lag.
Pvp fight are senseless, players are teleporting, u Cant hit each other and i wont Say about bow shooting… It is annoying and force me to quit the game.
Another thing is with npc, they are stupid as nothing on this World, they are runing from u to start chasing u after 30 sec. Others are Just standing and looking on u… There is nothing hard nnow with killing them. U Just can run around and choose witch one u want to knock down.

So, are u devs are doing anything with that? Couse i know this problem with those laggs is from very beggining of this game on servers with more than 20 PPL.

Pls response.


It would help if you tagged the name of the server you are playing on.
System performance is being worked on currently.
The lag, teleporting, AI not behaving as intended, are issues with performance.


Same for me since 1-2 weeks the laag is horrible

  1. So they said that they are working on that?


Funcom stated that they are working to improve performance of servers. Some of their work is already in TestLive and being tested under load.


Gr8, thanks


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