Laggy and sometimes unplayble server

Funcom, this is absolute b-s! I play PVE on server 3043 and for a few days the game has been more or less unplayble!

Its laggy, it freezes i might take 5 seconds to get the itemwheel up and if you are lucky you can access the correct item for exemple a torch.

Dont give me anything regarding connection i have a 8mbit connection at home and i also took my ps4 to work today which had a 100/100 mbit connection the game behaves in the same way on both locations.

This comes in waves sometimes it works fine but the majority of the time the last few days it has been unplayble

Please have a look at this, i thought i might have something to do with prep work for the big patch if so i totally understand, but if so please give some notice! A small server message saying the game might be affected is pretty easy to add and most of the playerbase would understand this.


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