Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)

Picture is of a Poster by artist Frank Franzetta cropped and slightly colorized. Love the Franzetta Hyboria Posters/Paintings!

Exile Lands

Welcome to :: Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)

Private Invitation Only Server. If you are serious about an enhanced survival experience with harder npcs the message Rohi

This is an ADULT 18+ server that mandates Role Play in Local Chat and encourages ERP (E-rotic Role Play), Nudity, Slavery, Brutality (not severe or crazy kinks), Drugs, among other things that fit very well within the stories of Hyboria/Thurian/Conan fantasy. If you cannot handle this type of subject matter please play somewhere else.


  • Rates: 2.5 XP (Fairly Fast Leveling) and 1.9 Harvest (to keep things that should be one when picked up)
  • Easy access. Pressing Accept (Entry to Game) you consent to this being an ADULT 18+ Only Server.
  • Relaxed Immersive RP Environment. A Role Player’s Dreamland.
  • Lots of Starter Kits and a Starter Companion (T4 Bearer). Use => /kit after character creation.
  • Level :: 300 with Paragon attributes
  • Level 60 to Unlock Legendary Chests
  • Attributes Stop at 60 to maintain character builds (Knowledge Point Feats continue to 300)
  • There are Bonus Kits for Knowledge Feats at Levels 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300
  • Day/Night Cycle :: ~45min Day Hours, ~20min Night Hours


  • Lament by Emberlight Used
  • No Corruption Gain from Death
  • Level 10 :: Items drop to a Backpack (to prevent suicide home ports)
  • Level 20 :: 20% Equipment Damage (includes all equipable items in inventory)
  • There are Lamenting Stones in the RP Hubs that you can remove corruption from your spirit.


  • Immersive and Skimpy Armors for both Female and Male.
  • Immersive placeables to decorate your home/base.
  • Immersive Caravans for only 5 Silver per segment to get you around the map.
  • Quick travel to your Home at any time.
  • Fully working economy based upon hard coins and Traders in the RP Hubs.
  • PvE with RP PvP (PvP is normally Off unless a PvP event is happening…Clan War).
  • Purges are turned on randomly by dice roll. They are fun and difficult. Your base can get wrecked. (Players Vote To Allow Dice Rolls)
  • Slave toys for those who want to RP this sort of thing. (not a BDSM/Kink server).
  • Musiq Boxes to play music at your base/home.
  • Thespians to use as decoration and even sell your wares to other players.
  • Very fair survival mechanics.
  • Enhanced spawns that are more challenging and roaming Super Corrupted Creatures.

L&D Server Information

Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)
Server is Located in :: Roleplay
Exile Lands

Direct Connect ::
Server is Hosted at GTXGaming :: Denver CO Extreme Performance

Server Auto restarts at 12:00am & 12:00pm Arizona Time (AZ does not change time)

  • Mod Updates are automatic during restarts. Can be manual during play hours.
  • If you get a Mod-Mismatch warning just Unsubscribe from Steam and let it Auto Sub & DL.

Rates: 2.5 XP and 1.9 Harvest (to keep things that should be one when picked up)

You can see status, vote, and give a review on TopConanServers

L&D Discord

For Server Info, Modlist, and Building Rules. Or just say Hi!

Discord: Lament and Desire

Server is very much alive.

If you are a serious Role Player and interested in playing in a much more realistic environment then join us. It is a Private Invite Server but Discord is free to join to come ask me some questions and I do the same to confirm if this server is likely for you.

I have been Admin for a very long time now (since the very early days of early access) and I know how to run a server. I will not beat around any bushes…this server is like a Roller Coaster…it is wild and brutal in the enhanced areas and quiet and beautiful everywhere else. All enhanced areas are presented in Discord.

I also have long running stories that players can take part in. I make my own challenging stories in CE to give me plenty to do and prepare for. Other players and their troops can join in the fun. There is active trading and very good Role Play. We are low pop but even 1 player makes a huge impact on the flavor of the server.

Want to make your own stories and have those affect the server for other players…Role Play and gain my trust…and I will work with you to make that happen. I am a very active admin.

The next massive story is already in motion…The Undead of the Cimmerian Lands…this will be a 5k+ horde of undead being pushed East out of the Cimmerian Lands (Mounds of the Dead)…these lands are already under undead control and Cimmerians are being freed to build MacFinlay. Players will lose soldiers and pets! Take part or stand by and watch.

Also there is a Witch in Xel-Ha that is feeding and commanding the Apes. Astharoth (one of our players) has been hitting the Lemurian Ruins hard and trying to solve why the apes are so numerous and being corrupted. Seems the Witch does not appreciated prying eyes. There will be a series of raids on Astharoth’s Grove (Base) and he will need allies to help him defend it. The Odrysai (Rohi’s clan) will be there!

Come and say hi if you are a serious RPer.