Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)

Picture is of a Poster by artist Frank Franzetta cropped and slightly colorized. Love the Franzetta Hyboria Posters/Paintings!

New Server and Re-Opened to Public
Welcome to :: Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)

This is an ADULT 18+ server that mandates Role Play in Local Chat and encourages ERP (E-rotic Role Play), Nudity, Slavery, Brutality (not severe or crazy kinks), Drugs, among other things that fit very well within the stories of Hyboria/Thurian/Conan fantasy. If you cannot handle this type of subject matter please play somewhere else.


  • Rates: 2.5 XP (Fairly Fast Leveling) and 1.9 Harvest (to keep things that should be one when picked up)
  • Easy access. Pressing Accept (Entry to Game) you consent to this being an ADULT 18+ Only Server.
  • Relaxed Immersive RP Environment. A Role Player’s Dreamland.
  • Lots of Starter Kits and a Starter Companion (T4 Bearer). Use => /kit after character creation.
  • Level :: 300 with Paragon attributes
  • Level 60 to Unlock Legendary Chests
  • Attributes Stop at 60 to maintain character builds (Knowledge Point Feats continue to 300)
  • There are Bonus Kits for Knowledge Feats at Levels 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300
  • Day/Night Cycle :: ~45min Day Hours, ~20min Night Hours


  • Lament by Emberlight Used
  • No Corruption Gain from Death
  • Level 10 :: Items drop to a Backpack (to prevent suicide home ports)
  • Level 20 :: 20% Equipment Damage (includes all equipable items in inventory)
  • There are Lamenting Stones in the RP Hubs that you can remove corruption from your spirit.


  • Immersive and Skimpy Armors for both Female and Male.
  • Immersive placeables to decorate your home/base.
  • Immersive Caravans for only 5 Silver per segment to get you around the map.
  • Quick travel to your Home at any time.
  • Fully working economy based upon hard coins and Traders in the RP Hubs.
  • PvE with RP PvP (PvP is normally Off unless a PvP event is happening…Clan War).
  • Purges are turned on randomly by dice roll. They are fun and difficult. Your base can get wrecked. (Players Vote To Allow Dice Rolls)
  • Slave toys for those who want to RP this sort of thing. (not a BDSM/Kink server).
  • Musiq Boxes to play music at your base/home.
  • Thespians to use as decoration and even sell your wares to other players.
  • Very fair survival mechanics.
  • Enhanced spawns that are more challenging and roaming Super Corrupted Creatures.

L&D Server Information

Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)
Server is Located in :: Roleplay
Exile Lands

Direct Connect ::
Server is Hosted at GTXGaming :: Denver CO Extreme Performance

Server Auto restarts at 12:00am & 12:00pm Arizona Time (AZ does not change time)

  • Mod Updates are automatic during restarts. Can be manual during play hours.
  • If you get a Mod-Mismatch warning just Unsubscribe from Steam and let it Auto Sub & DL.

Rates: 2.5 XP and 1.9 Harvest (to keep things that should be one when picked up)

You can see status, vote, and give a review on TopConanServers

L&D Discord

For Server Info, Modlist, and Building Rules. Or just say Hi!

Discord: Lament and Desire