Land claim on Official PVE 1507 blocks spider boss spawn

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [America]

A land claim seems to be blocking the spawn of The End of Hope in the Skittering Cavern. A player from another clan and I have been stalking the cavern for the spawn over the past couple of weeks, but it never appears and the legendary chest doesn’t open even with a skeleton key in our inventories. The clan “owning” the plateau above the spawn location is never online at the same time as either the other player or myself so we haven’t been able to talk with them about it.
Notes for the PC update in July stated that vertical land claims were adjusted to no longer affect NPC spawns below the claim.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a large base with a lot of foundation pieces on the plateau above the Skittering Cavern. (The spot is marked by the crossed swords in the attached photo)
  2. Kill all low-level spiders and The End of All Hope in the Skittering Cavern.
  3. Wait through cool down period.
  4. Re-enter Skittering Cavern and kill low-level spiders.
  5. Find that final low-level spiders and The End of All Hope at the back of the cave have no respawned.

Sorry for the issue, I’ve run into it myself. Apparently, this is a landclaim and it actually only takes one foundation in the right (?) spot to block the spawn.

We grabbed a bunch of signs and surrounded the landclaim with notice of the problem and the clan graciously move their base. I think we were lucky, but after they moved, we erected a sign over the End of All Hope saying that building here would stop the spawn.

I wish you luck !



Hey @maryefngsunshine

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve sent it to our team so they can look into it.


Thanks @Ignasi!

This appears to be something going on across several servers. On 1502 this is also the case. The clan is called banana and they refuse to remove the obstructing pieces. We haven’t had the spider spawn as along as I’ve been on the server.

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Yeah that clan was a huge problem back when I played on 1502 too. They built a gigantic MAGA wall along the eastern side of Unnamed City, spammed sandstone all along the western tributary river, and had signs/animals with racist, misogynist, and other vulgar content/names all over them.

Back when it was still possible to kite purges and world bosses, myself and several others spent long hours purging them off the server until nothing remained. Sorry to hear that they’ve returned since all of us old timers left. This is precisely the reason why I’d argued against those last-resort options being curtailed via the new “leashing” mechanism. :frowning:

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This was supposedly fixed in the July 9th patch, so it makes me wonder whether it’s an issue of pre-existing construction still despawning NPCs, or if it’s regression.

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This only works when good-natured clans are involved. The clan that’s doing this on 1502 has a long history of purposefully trying to upset others – seeing players hopeless and dismayed like this is exactly what they live for.

I’m choosing ignorance rather than malice being the issue on 1507. However, the many, many lines of sandstone foundations that this clan has spammed from that plateau down and across the river is suspect.

I still haven’t seen any players with that clan name online, but the decay timers on their foundations and buildings keeps resetting. The signs I’ve posted near their property keep timing out.

Totally agree. I would treat each server on its own, though, since clan names and behaviours vary widely.

My message was to give them a chance to do right, since it’s going to take a while to fix anyway.

Mary’s message about the lines of sandstone foundations, though, sounds like malice aforethought and deserves a report about the behaviour by using the pinned method.



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It will be really cool once you get this fixed.

Suggestion: What if your team made it so some select creatures did not despawn, not matter what?
It would make sense in BUILDING IS NOT ALLOWED HERE area’s like cave’s.

That solution is currently implemented for other bosses. Our team is working on adding additional important spawns to that fix, including this one.


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