Blocked spider spawn!

On official server 1517 pve-c usa the spider in skittering cavern is not spawning at all. If I try to put a thrall or building piece down at the spawn site in the cave ,it says land claimed…according to the map location there is a base built above it…seems like it is messing the spawn up…it should not…that spider drops the legendary nemedian helm…please fix soon. Ty.

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on my server, pvp 1808 someone built above a cave and the brimstone wont spawn in that area. infinitly vertical from their build it blocks resources respawning as well as thralls, so that must be what happened to your spider.
also interestingly if you have a forge turned on which makes you extremely hot or heatstroke when you stand beside it and you have a tall base, don’t sleep in line over top of that forge because heat and or cold also affects in the same way, infinitly vertical.
I wish they could fix it so we could have our brimstone back and you could get your spider, but its been like this for a long time, perhaps since the beginning.


Please make areas like this unlockable again…some update from way back whenever broke it.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue with vertical land claim and our team is considering a few solutions to mitigate that problem.
Until then, apologies for any frustration this might cause.