South American Official Server #4517 PVE - no spider boss spawn in the Skittering Cavern

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: South America

South American Official Server #4517 PVE
The spider boss in the Skittering Cavern doesn’t spawn. I checked it a lot of time, all round the server times, even after a reset. I had checked the forums and noted that this bug could happen if someone builds above it, and I noticed, with the help of a teammate that was inside the cavern, right on the spawn zone, while I traveled to the higher ground, that a Guild called Trece build a huge tower right above it.
Anything that you could do to help the other players of the server that wanna try that fight?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in on South American Official Server #4517 PVE
  2. Go to the skittering cave and check if the boss is there
  3. Go to a higher ground and see the big tower of Treece right above it

We have seen the same issue since the hotfix this week on 3890 and 3614.

I don’t think they have a fix for the vertical land claim yet. They know it is a issue. The only way to fix it is getting rid of the offending building or parts of it. Have had this problem over skittering cavern and Sinners refuge on my server

To clarify, I don’t blame the guild that built there, since they are not responsible for this bug, of course. But it is a oficial server, so the company/developers could arrange a fix for it or, at least, talk with the guild and arrange a transfer for their contruction (its a big construction, i suppose the long time they lost on it). What is unnaceptable is let it go, and do nothing…

There is others bugs as well or maybe a clan named OLD_VIKINGS that is harassing other players building in irregular places and blocking spawn points like:

  • Asura chosen T4 thrall in Sinner’s refugee
  • Spider boss near the sinners refugee
  • Blocked the road near the summoning palace to the spider boss
  • T4 named thralls in vulcan: Risa the brutal, Daicas the sharp, Erii the Ravager, Spinas the marauder and Kisthis the fleshtearer.

Also the clan exploited the construction/claim mechanics and made fundations across all server to block roads and buildings like walls to block sepemaru road near Klael’s stronghold.
Also has a massive building near the sinner’s refugee that makes the game lag and crash the game.

the following evidences will be attached bellow.

Any chance to get a official answer?
Or are we supposed to play only part of the game?

Acho que vamos ter que nos virar com menos da metade do jogo


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