The Boss in Skittering Cavern do not spawn

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We (me and my Friends) have been to the Skittering Cavern several times but the boss spiders don’t spawn in, chests are always there. We are on Official server #3002 PvE - g-portal . com on Ps4.

We didn’t find a base on the mountain. But there are 2 bases around the cave. But I think that these are far enough away. I also tried to build a bed camp on the mountain, which would have worked. But then I didn’t build it up. It would be nice if you could take care of this bug in a timely manner so that we have the opportunity to farm the helmet, the Nemedian.

Thank you very much.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go to Skittering Cavern
2.find no boss
3.but find the chest
4.leave cave frustrated.

Thank you for your effort


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Welcome to the comunity. I will try to check it later and confirm. However it will be easier for you to confirm 100% the bug, by playing solo offline. I remember once in a private server, i couldn’t found the mountaineering guy, so i report it to admin and he said that funcom remove this :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Ofcurse i didn’t believe him and i log out instantly. I started my game offline, god mode, admin teleport and the mountaineering guy was there :wink:. Since then whenever i found something unusual, i double check it this way. Thanks for posting and welcome to the family.

I’m having problems with this in several locations it is a loading issue where u log out and log back in the area will be in full working order but u go far away and have loading issues for the rest of the game till you log out and back in so hope that helps and I’m on Xbox

I tested it on my own solo game and watched it using God mode. After that there is a huge big base directly above the boss’s spawn. What shall we do now. The players don’t want to move away. Please fix the bug. Thank you. I need this helmet.

If you’re waiting for the devs to fix it please get in line :stuck_out_tongue:
You’ll have to wipe them off that area. The only solution is “they move” or “you make them move”.

If it’s all about fixing your weapons just make godbreaker boots. They do the same thing.


It is a pve server. So no make them move.

I know, but the helmet is easy to get. And the godbraker is expensive.

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And i think the devs can fix it. It’s not that prob normally. Or the devs move the base. Or I get a handfull helmets for free. :slight_smile:

Only fix would be to forbid building in that area, I mean above, since claim goes from 0 to sky.

They can let spawn bosses in base. Because when I build in the boss area. It’s my prob. But I think your idea is also good.

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Easy? Your problem at the firstplase :roll_eyes: is: you can’t get it from the boss righet?
And you whant funcome to fix the bug :crazy_face: Go get the boots man. It mutch more easy. And the boots give you more armore as well.

Same thing with server # 4121.(PVE)

Please stop this person.

Yes, that may be and it is also in a certain sense correct. But it can not be that as a game something does not get something because the dev can not fix the error. But that’s my opinion, looks like a customer.

Hey @FarFax, welcome to the forums!

We’re already aware of this issue where vertical land claims may affect certain caves and spawns and a solution is being looked into, apologies for the inconvenience.



Can you give an approximate estimate of when this bug will be fixed please?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any estimates regarding this particular issue at this time.

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