Missing cave bosses

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I have been to the Skittering Cavern and Scuttlers shortcut several times since the new update and the boss spiders don’t spawn in, chests are always there leading me to believe its bugged and that they aren’t being farmed before I get there. I’m on PVE-C #3052 on Ps4.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go to either cave
2.find no boss
3.but find the chest
4.leave cave frustrated.


I don’t play on PS4 but I launched game solo/coop without any mod (PC version so) to check the Skittering Cavern and the boss is present :

So it may be a server-related issue, or restricted to PS4 version… Oooor juste some bad luck for you :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s a server problem as I couldn’t find anyone on reddit or in the forums having the same issue, hence why I mentioned my server number, I just really want that damn Nemedian headpiece!

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Not at all boss spawns are 100% either. I’m not familiar with how this cave spawns work, just putting that out there for a general reference.

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Yes that’s what i called “bad luck”, either boss is not spawned or has recently been killed !

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Hey @Seanedcase

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Is there by chance a player base above that cave?

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The boss is there for me. fought him and got axe and sword from him.

I’m on the exact same server and came to the forums for the exact same thing. It’s definitely not spawning in, spent hours camping and checking. I even went and got a key from the Scorpion boss to open that chest and it just gave me a crappy mace. Will we never don that fine helmet?! :sob:

I saw him in that cave (different server), hit him a few times, and then he fell through the floor.

Same on my server, It looks like a building very high above the spawn

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Same on my server yesterday. Base not directly above more towards river. Player removed base . spawning boss now. Don’t feel base should have blocked spawning. It did show clan marker right at boss spawn. Whent into admin ghost flying straight up. His base not that close.

@Ignasis I’m not to sure if there are bases above either of them, why does this stop them spawning in? And does this mean they will never spawn in unless we convince people to relocate?

Having same issues on server 3045. Been there for 3 days now waited ages nothing

I don’t think bosses spawn withing a base, and base land claims have infinite vertical range, which doesn’t stop at ground level for some reason.

@Ignasis I have just been to check if there are bases above the caves and there is a massive base above skittering cavern.

That would explain why they’re not spawning. We’ve sent note to our team about this so they can evaluate options to avoid this problem in the future.

FWIW, I have a large base above Scuttlers Shortcut as well a large complex on the river just outside the cave entrance. I have been running down to check on the boss spider regularly since this thread started. Yesterday I killed the boss twice just to confirm it respawns. I can’t imagine how big a base must be to affect this spawn. But then again, I’ve seen plenty bases that eclipse anything I’ve built.

Fellow on my server had small base and yet blocking spawning

The one in short cut cave, (with arena, scuttler shortcut/weaver hollow) even in SP the Spider Boss has been missing for a few patches now. So are several of spider in arena spot.

I’vve come from path above and below and hasnt been there for some time. Didnt really think it was a bug honestly, just assumed you removed it since the room was empty, it would magiclly show up for some free hits. XD

Upon further reflection and a quick look at the map, I may not be directly over the queen spider. I have built on the southern aqueduct tower directly above Scuttlers Shortcut. When I get my login glitch I find myself falling through the air to the crystal portion of the cave closest to the Scuttlers entrance. Laterally, this is away from the actual queen spider chamber and perhaps this is why the spider still spawns on official ps4 PVE-C 3827.