Rockslide is Not Spawning in Reliably

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Here]

Not sure if anyone else has encountered this or not. I have been trying to do battle with the Rockslide World Boss at D,7 near Fingerfang Rock recently. However, in the ~ 8 times I have been there looking for him he has only appeared there the once. I tried to travelled there by walking and by admin teleport, and I even tried to harvest the Stone nodes near where he spawns, just incase they were interfering with his spawning in. However it seemed to have no bearing. It seems he has become increasingly more shy and reclusive with age. Has anyone else found him (largely) absent from his post?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Travel to Fingerfang Rock
  2. Notice that the Rockslide is absent
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I confirm. He is not always there the last days. The spawn is rare. And it is funny because i didn’t notice any update the last days. Still before you mention it, i didn’t give it the right attention. I play both pve (official) and pvp (private) and i farm or build close to this area and i only saw one spawn of the boss the last days.

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Thanks @stelagel! No Im at a loss to guess what could be doing this. Okay its good, or perhaps I should say bad that Im not the only one having difficulty getting the Rockslide to spawn. I have tried again further times over the weekend, but to no avail. That one time seems to have been the only recent time. Unfortunately it also happened to be a time when he knocked me down and swiftly killed me before I was able to drop a Bedroll, then by the time I traveled back there he was gone.

@Neoskater420 I see you there. Did you have this issue too mate?

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Didnt even think he was still around, he hasnt been there for me… in… god. Almost a year? Just like Spider boss in cave. I just assumed they moved him. >_>


I restart character alot, and almost always get climbing gear, and pass thru this spot.


Not related to the Rockslide boss, but since you mentioned the spider boss, do you mean the big spider in Skittering Caverns? Because for me that boss appears in there.


You are right about the spider, it is spawing correctly, however if your thrall manages to corner the spider, then the wall absorbs it and it is lost since the server restart. That is why there are so many complaints about the spider. The rock slide however it is impossible to corner :joy::joy::joy::joy:, so i didn’t found yet the reason for the rare spawn. And i say again that this is going about the last month, that we didn’t have any updates on ps4, i know it wery well because when i farm brimstone for my pvp team, i farm bosses too. This boss was always on my way and i was always farming it. You know i believe that this boss is on the top 5 difficulty bosses to farm, not because it is hard to kill, but for the damage you will take if it step on you, it one shot me a lot of times :joy::joy::joy::joy:. God bless the bedrolls :+1:.


Hey @Croms_Faithful, we’ll be sure to bring the issue with Rockslide not spawning consistently up with the team.

Just to confirm, are you using the default spawn rates on your single player session @Croms_Faithful?


Hugo it is happening to the official pve server i play and to my friends private pvp server. This days i build pilot buildings near this area offline and when i pass from there (god mode, flying), i don’t always see it. I play on ps4 console. Thanks for replying :+1:

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Thankyou for the reply Hugo! Pardon my ignorance or unobservedness here, but I didnt even realise that we could adjust the spawn rates in the Admin Panel! May I ask which setting it is/sub-menu it is in…!? As such I would have to go with ‘yes’. Whatever is the default setting for offline singleplayer would be the current spawn rate on my game. Is his spawning governed by chance Hugo? Also I should just very quickly note that no other World Bosses seem to be having this issue that I have seen; just that Rockslide as far as I can tell.

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@Croms_Faithful It should be within the Combat tab, named as “NPC RESPAWN MULTIPLIER”. The respawn isn’t determined by chance but may be influenced by this setting, so we’ll note it down that the setting was at default.

@stelagel Thank you for providing additional details!


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