Question about monster spawn

Hello, is it true that there are differences between single player and online about monster spawns? I tried to search some confirmation but I have found nothing that seems solid. These two posts:

And a bunch of similar threads here and on reddit seem to confirm that there are indeed differences. In my single player game on Exile Lands I am not able to find the boss Rockslide near Fingerfang. In my single player on Siptah I have not found the Rockslide between the Fangs and the Demon Leyshrine but I did find the one north of the Fiends Leyshrine. I haven’t had any issue with other bosses, just the rockslide, but I find the single player games more empty in general, with less monsters.
Maybe it is related to difficulty? I play on normal (civilized I think) and the only changes I made were the time to break slaves and to not drop my things on death.
Please, I need some directions, I am very confused.
PS: english is not my first language, I hope you can understand enough of my message


Welcome to the Forum. Your English is just fine by the way. Better than alot of mine. I don’t play online much but the information I have seen from players supports what you have found. Hopefully the patch whenever it hits will help you out.


Thank you for your answer, sestus. Seems we will have to wait for a fix.


Create another user on your platform, If you don’t already have another. Start Conan exiles from this user, go admin mode and travel to the spawn site of exile lands. If you still don’t have a spawn to both maps then I believe you have to delete and download again. To make it easier go God and cloak , so you won’t be bothered by mobs and npcs.
Before my son drop down the machine and restart everything :sob::sob::sob:, I had in my daughters user more than 150 constructions. When I wanted to test a build and count the materials I needed, I was fixing a pilot project there :wink:.

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