PS4 server #4521

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [LATAM]

[The spider that drop the helmet of tool restoration is not appearing in the cave]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Is there anything built on the plateau above it?

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@Wak4863 has it right something built on top or close to the river valley will block spawning of spider.

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exist two houses on the top

That is the problem. In my case playing on private server. Asked player to move buildings and compensated him. Solved issue . Should be set up with a no building or blocking radius.

Hello @japa0911, thank you for reaching out!

As sestus2009 has mentioned, the spawn is being blocked by the player structures due to how the land claim mechanic works. Our developers are aware of this issue and looking into a possible solution.

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