Land claimed in my base by new build

Game mode: Onlinr Official 3890
Problem: Land Already Claimed
Region: US

So today I decided to upgrade my wheel of pain at a base that I built over a month ago. I was placing it where my other wheel of pain was on foundations connected to my base. I destroyed the wheel of pain to replace it with a greater wheel of pain. When I went to place it I get a message that the land is already claimed. There is a new base built within the last 2 days that has claimed land that I have already claimed. How is that even possible? Shouldn’t they have received a land claimed message when building their base? Below are some pictures to help show you what I’m talking about.

image image

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Log out and in, should fix it. Atleast it does for me on ps4


That did the trick. Thanks.

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