Land of slaves (RP server)

„Land of slaves“
I would like to invite all DS supporters to my country as future vassals or as slaves. In my country, no man can be free. Every man in land is legalized slave any mistress or just runner what must be captured and enslaved.

„RP and fun for players primary“
We are RP server. Is not pleasure for me spoil game anybody. As player i am friendly. But when is it my idea interested for you, you will be welcomed. As mistresses, or slaves sure too. Every Mistress or lady can live in my fortress or build own castle. I would now fortify the territory and distribute warnings for adventurers what want cross my land. First warning will be friendly. Partial freedom for male characters is possible, but is needed to become a gladiator. (Or get permission from your female owner.)

Countiest and Trade
If someone builds a castle and marks the border of the county, I am willing to award a title with everything related to it. Right to everything in the country, taxes and, of course, military support and politics. I would like to start trading with the amazon country. If my country has another county, it would be possible to trade even between the provinces.

„My land is legal and supported on server“
The administrators promised me to expand my territory. When I bring in more players. There are not many on the server yet. Therefore, I welcome any role. If the person concerned would not be the inhabitants of my country.

SERVER: 4Netplayers Amazonen 18+ Ger
*Warning! The server is German, but English is tolerated. Good mods are here. That’s why I play on it. The server will soon early go to PVP. *

Thanks for your attention, if you are interested, please join and ask for “Queen Girlaen” or write to me here.

Have a nice day,

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Exiled_lands_improved macht Probleme das ich nicht bei euch mich mal einloggen kann. Gibt es da eine Hilfestellung?

Is this server on console or PC? I wish I could find a D/s related server or a clan on PS4.

I would love love to join your server if I may?