Lands of Chaos 18+ PVE/RP [3x gathering/3x exp] 300 max level, EEWA, Thrall War Dungeon, Custom Content, Discord Available

Lands of Chaos is an 18+ PVE/RP server with a chill atmosphere and a friendly admin ready to help any new players get started out. Most important rule changes are as follows:

  • Building damage off and there is no decay timers.

  • Everything drops on death but no one can loot your corpse.

  • 3x gathering/xp.

  • 0.75 crafting recipes.

  • 0.33 thrall conversion time.

  • 0.5 crafting times.

  • purge enabled, but only when online.

  • 2x resource respawn rate.

  • 30 max minions with +5 per clan member.

  • Day/Night cycle changed to 6 hours (3 hours day 3 hours night)

Server Premise:
There is no set rp lore or restrictions to your character, so the story is driven entirely by your actions. Start out as an exiled and forge your path to become anything you can imagine, even rising to the ranks of your own nation leader with your own city.

The server includes a total of 26 mods, with the most notable features as follows:

  • EEWA, a massive endgame overhaul adding new weapons, armor, materials, dungeons, enemies, locations, necromancy, magic, bosses and much more.

  • 300 max level with a built in paragon levelling system.

  • Buildable basements that function as an interior cell, separate from the map and completely indestructible, so a great place to hide your valuables.

  • An economy, along with the ability to make player owned shops. As the server expands, players with certain sized clans can build and claim their own city status, which will be added as a map marker and teleport point, be under their control and feature admin created vender npcs of their choosing from the available venders mentioned below.

  • A pre-built city with various merchants that sell useful provisions and equipment. It also has EEWA related items for sale including scrim, materials and items, and has its own rarity trader for easier access. Amenities include a tavern, eatery, jail, bathhouse, blacksmith, armorsmith, weaponsmith, tannery, alchemist, market square, farm zone, its own map room and a three story castle with 12 rooms.

  • A quest city that acts as a hub for quest givers and also has an npc to unlock the eldritch specializations and ancient scroll specializations from the Dungeon master mod.

  • A custom race and class system, with 14 races and 14 classes to pick between, each with its own unique set of buffs and abilities. Merchants can also be found at the city that sell class specific skills.

  • A tour guide in the city that has a ton of useful information related to the server, its mods and hotkeys/commands.

  • Custom content including dungeons, quests and co-op raid bosses.

  • Lockpicking and breaching.

  • A bank system to store your money so you don’t end up losing it to your death. (10% of wallet dropped on death.)

  • Increased T4 spawn rate.

  • Map Rooms have been built at each of the obelisks and there are 4 warp commands, north, south, east and west, to get around the map faster. There is also a warp hub with 8 locations available, including custom outposts, solo boss arena and a raid dungeon.

  • An arena with three repeatable quests to get the delving bench, eldarium and EEWA gems.

  • A starter kit consisting of a full set of iron tools and 5 gold to get you off the ground.

  • An optional discord with integrated webhook so you wont miss out on anything!

  • In-game voice chat enabled.

  • Outfit Manager, which allows you to set your cosmetic appearance to any piece of equipment in the entire game, without having to actually have it in the first place. (Purely cosmetic though, offers no stat changes and doesn’t occupy your armor slots.)

  • Thrall War Dungeon, Beyond Theatrics, Roleplay Redux and Devious desires mods for rp purposes.

Full Modlist:

The server is still fresh and has plenty of room for people to build. Any clans or individuals looking for a new server should check it out. I’d be delighted to see you there!

Server name: Lands of Chaos 18+ PVE/RP [3x gathering/3x exp] 300 max level, EEWA, Thrall War Dungeon, Custom Content, Discord Available

Direct connect:

Discord: Lands of Chaos Server

City Screenshots:

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Its currently a WIP but i’ll soon be adding a series of custom quests to get the siptah delving bench, siptah gear and repair resources through repeatable quest chains.

Lots of QoL changes made. Added EEWA items to shops, increased number of available things for sale, turned off building abandonment, made map rooms at all the obelisks, tweaked thrall conversion rate and crafting rates to make things a bit faster, increased t4 spawn rate, finished the arena master quests so its possible to get delving benches, eldarium and eewa gems off him.

Come check it out! I’ve had over 1500 hours on conan and this server is the perfect blend of PVP and RP, with some of the best mods!

Added a few extra things. WIP castle has been built in the city for roleplay purposes. Beyond Theatrics mod added too. Few extra details added to the initial post as well.

So the server has been changed from a PVP server to a PVE server with battle standards for PVP. An arena specifically for PvPing will be built soon.

A warp hub, solo boss arena and 2 new outposts that have most of the custom thralls from Thrall wars mod have been added.

A co-op raid dungeon has been added which contains a total of 3 raid bosses and has a unique loot table for the normal mobs that drop a lot of the custom materials from DungeonMasterTools and Thrall Wars such as chromium, beryllium, atlantean powder, eldritch powder etc.

The server is really starting to take off now. If you are looking for a server that has a decent player base and is actively populated but still has space to build then come join us!