Landscape issue

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I found this landscape issue near the aqueduct. Is this in vanilla game? or Comes this from a mod with them i Play?

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Could you give a coordinate spot on the map? And could you do a test save on single player without mods to see if the issue still occurs?

ok, i will check this!

Ok, i had remove all my mods and checked this landscape issue. This is in vanilla game in the sector F 7 (first screenshot i had uploaded) southeast of the cave and the same landscape issue is in sector H 8.

Not sure if there is another way but one way to get the exact coordinates is to press Insert (Entf for German) and then type ToggleDebugHUD, then we can see the exact co-ordinates which can be used to teleport to the location:

ok i have check this and here are the coordinates of this two issues:

Pos.1: -32.822,598, 61.079,199, -11.357,791
Pos.2: 19.686,379, 42.276,875, -2.211,704

Hello @DarkJedi, thank you for pointing this out, we’ve registered these oddities for the developers to address in an upcoming update!

The 2nd position appears to be fixed by the upcoming patch which is currently on TestLive. The 1st position remains though, so thanks Hugo for passing it to the responsible team.

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I did not grab coords, but the cave is Scuttler’s Shortcut. I can log in and get coords if you like

No need. OP provided the coordinates already. Position 1. Feel free to verify the location though.

No Problem, every time again!:smiley:

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