Exile Lands noob river texture bug

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Bug Description:

I’m sorry if this has already been reported but I’ve searched and could not find a report.

I’ve taken some screenshots of what I am encountering. (unfortunately me being a new user I cannot upload any screenshots)

At section I 5 on the map of Exile Lands, north of Bonebreaker’s Bend at the first waterfall (a bit south east of Deathwhisper Ruins) there is a line in the river. South of the line, the river is nice and blue and north of the line the river is muddy brown and looks like the texture has glitched. This extends throughout the entirety of the river, all the way up past the Black Galleon ship and all the way north to the Boundary Spillway. Just follow the river basically. Also to where it branches south towards Fleshtearer Falls.

This is starting a new game in single player and with no mods installed.

Hi @Oso and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve updated the permissions to your account so you should be able to upload screenshots now.
If you can, please provide us with some screenshots of what you are seeing and the map location.

Also can you please tell us what graphical settings you are using in game?

Hello, I think I have the same problem as Oso mentioned, the waterfall is nice and blue water, but the river on top if it is very much muddy. same thing hapening at the buttom of the waterfall, untill the next one (the last photo)
I’m playing at “Low” graphical settings but from my understanding water texture should not afect by graphical settings, as I should see the water all the same in all graphical settings.
here some evadance I hope that help (sorry for my thrall bombphoto -.-) (I’m playing on Official server pve-c on PC)

Hi @AstroPony and thank you for sharing this information with us.

We will pass this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

AstroPony found it, that’s it.

This is the line at I 5 at the first waterfall,

the rest of the river looks like this,

here I’ve marked on the map in red what is affected,

I think I play on high settings but I can’t log in right now to check as there is an update xD
Hope This gets fixed as I like to build on this river.
Thank you for your reply.

After logging in I set all the graphical settings to low and it’s still the same.

Something else I noticed is when I pan the camera around I get this,

This is very noticeable on Siptah but also happens in Exile Lands. Single player, New game, no mods.

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