Water texture seems so broken in some place

Hi guys, I’ve just experienced the TestLive with the 2.4 update. There are some places on the Exiles Land with the bad-looking water. Please take a moment to see it.






Where is my beautiful Exiles Land?

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lol what

unfortunately i can’t see too much in the pictures. is there something wrong with the transparency or what is the problem? looks to me like low graphics settings


You can see two pictures below. The setting of both are similar

[Current Server]

[Test Live]

The water on the test live is no more clean and fresh :smiley: You can not see the bottom on TestLive.

So the answer here is we have to set “Effects Quality” to High or Ultra :slight_smile: Nice

But it can only apply for Isle of Siptah, With the Exiles Land, still bad in some place with the same setting :slight_smile:

I’m OK with that

They say Testlive client is a bit simplified from graphics point of view. There are some “glowing” trees without textures etc. Devs say everything will be OK when live game will be patched.


Thank you. I hope so


For the record @PlayerfromVietNam the water looks muddy on ultra for me as well (with the live client):

So while what Ko6ka is saying is generally true, it won’t solve your issue.


Same for me, also with ultra settings, and no mods. Testlive-client.

Sepermeru water looks same.
May this be the reason for that water change ? These growing only in muddy water ? :joy:



Well, I just experience the Official PC just released. The muddy lakes are still there =))) It seems that Funcom won’t fix it. :smiley:

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This issue should be fixed with 2.4.2. See patch notes here:

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Yeah. Thanks for the information.

The game is very wonderful now. I really enjoy it.


Água está poluída desde que vários exilados passaram a usar e abusar dos recursos das terras do exílio. Infelizmente a água dos rios da minha querida floresta está horrível parece lama. Espero que corrijam num futuro não muito distante