Water appearance changed on original map, in a very bad way

Not sure if this is a bug, a mistake or a planned thing. I really hope it was just a happenstance and it can/will be fixed. Afdter the update today, the beautiful blue waters at the Oasis of Neket on the original map, turned a horrid muddy brown. Please fix this, a very pretty desert place just turned ugly.

Please see picture for reference:

The same can be said for the 2 lakes at Muriela’s Hope:

Every other body of water on now has a beautiful blue-green color:


I have reported twice from the Test Live version, and there was no response. =))) well, feel a little disappointed.

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On siptah, there are some rivers with new light system look like muddy rivers too :smiley:

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Maybe its intentional? Hope we get some kind of response to know if its a bug being fixed or a change that’s intended.


The only place that does not get change is " The Sunken City" dungeon :smiley:
The water is still very beautiful there.

Yes, the water shaders definetly changed.
Doesn’t look good at all now.

Also, there is a mismatch now in colours/shaders that you can cleary see if you stand near a waterfall (exiles map):

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Hey there,

This doesn’t seem intentional. We’re looking into this issue and will hopefully find the culprit of causing this pollution.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.


The latest update turned the oasis of Nekhet to s*** Literally.

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So good to hear it was not intentional and it will be fixed. I am so relieved! Thank you so very much for letting us know!

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Thank you so much for fixing this, FunCom. I know it was just a visual thing, but i got spoiled by the beautiful game you guys made!

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Thank you for your quick response and fix. @Ignasis

After today hotfix I can see that the river’s color near the oasis and sepermeru (and other areas) is fixed.
Though…in this specific oasis area, I feel the water color tone is off, it is now dark blue/deep blue.

Here I have gathered comparisons (All pic credits to owners)

The pic on the left is after today hotfix. On the right is before (before muddy brown) it is clean and clear water and has the feeling of fresh cool oasis water, hence the name.


Now the oasis lost its magic, it looks deep and opaque. The river is actually quite shallow, in before you can even see corals & aquatic plants from above, now you can’t)

Please have a look into this issue again,

Thank you very much.


since apparently PC also has device profiles hidden under quality settings when reporting visual issues post your in-game video settings please

I use ultra settings as i am fortunate enough to have a beast of a graphic card. Yes, the water is no longer that turquoise blue it used to be,but is no longer muddy.

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Thank you, glad that you mentioned the setting.

All comparison pics before and after the fix are medium settings and no mods.

After today patch, this is high setting which the water is almost transparent clear.

and this is ultra.

lol, it looks weird now.

To be fair, FunCom’s devs made water pretty dang realistic. It looks like shallow, clean water right there, which is what it is. But yes, i did like the turquoise tint it always had too.

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Just the word I’m looking for…

Right now on high / ultra that the water is super clear is not that realistic. I do appreciated Funcom’s effort and I’m not trying to be greedy or anything, just hoping the oasis has its magic back.

Oh yesss…turquoise blue.

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yeah 10cm deep stream may have such transparency, 3m deep pond… not so much

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We want blue water color back !!! :slight_smile:


I thought this was intended and at first I liked it, it felt more realistic… But on second thought, it makes things really feel polluted and, shall I say… depressive?

I like the clear water over the bluish (?) one, now. I hope they keep it that way. But things change daily now, so, who knows what color the water will be tomorrow? :sweat_smile:

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The new water is not bad, although the old one was much nicer. The problem, however, is the distinctly blue waterfalls on the crystal clear rivers, which completely break up the atmosphere because they are completely unnatural.

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