Just some requests / questions about some minor issues

I have noticed since the Siptah’s update on ps4 version that the water in the exile lands has become dirty. The beautiful blue we had turned into a black tide.

also, emotes are missing on the isle of siptah like crossing arms. it’s a shame to have no way to get them after so long.

Will it be fix one day?

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I think it has to do something with optimization of the game. I am playing on ps5 but i could swear it looked better on release years ago compare to now.

I agree. There is a huge difference between the two maps. Lightning, colors and more…

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you share a screenshot of the in-game map location where you noticed the issue?

Also, a screenshot of the water body in question, if possible.

Regarding the emotes, please submit a separate bug report so we can review that matter as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Globally, all the red area on Ps4 and ps5 version.






Thank you very much for the detailed images, this is perfect. :smiley:

Have a great weekend!

Thanks ! You too !
The map might not show all the areas because I discovered that some rivers were also affected. (Still in the desert biome)

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