Funky brown water


I hadn’t played in about a year, but recently decided I wanted to get a server and jump back in.

When I played previously I was on a PS4, but am now on PS5.

I immediately noticed the water along the starting river was off. It was this funky bland brown color instead of the blue I was used to.

I went into admin mode and teleported around the map to investigate everywhere, and the water was off all around the map.

Googling the issue only brought me to year old results. Those old threads all seemed to imply this issue was fixed over a year ago, and nobody else has reported the issue recently that I can see.

All of my friends who I got to jump online also see the brown funk water. However, one of them says that after hours of playing(she was on ps4) the water jumped back to blue for a bit, leading me to further suspect this isn’t supposed to be what the water looks like.

Any info or fixes to this issue would be greatly appreciated, I apologize if someone else has raised this issue recently, I poked around and couldn’t find any other threads on the issue.


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I also play on PS5, but I play on an official server, there are no problems there, on the contrary.
Everything is even better than before, nothing needs to be rendered, everything appears immediately.
I can even see objects that are far away.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about a private server.
But I hope for you that your problem will be solved as soon as possible.


Welcome to the Forum. I am currently playing on a official pve server Conan-Exi and occasionally I see the muddy water at some locations hadn’t paid that much attention. When I go on my server later will investigate. @Jodou1


Appreciate it!

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Will be logging on after I read multiguns recap of the live stream.

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So far the river is brown not the water the bottom is mud or silt so is ocean at mouth of river. Ocean out side of mouth of dagon also
Oasis of nekhet was brownish when I got there just a bit blue climbed a big rock turned blue jumped in still blue. Will send more information as I go. No server settings have been changed.

Water outside of new asgard is clear. Talked to a fellow on the server said water on one side of his base blue other brown

I actually liked the brown river water… felt more realistic. Was a little sad when it got chlorinated again.

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Dont sh*t into the water and dont eat the yellow snow…


Just a joke

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