Landslide Broken?

So, my thrall(s) refuse to go into the landslide. Another player suggested he got his in the dungeon by telling his thrall to stop repeatedly. I tried this over and over again, nothing. My mount, if I ride it in, goes in, but pops out at the first sign of trouble. So, the landslide resources are not as accessible as they used to be and a barer thrall can’t be used to harvest them, so is it working as intended or is it a bug?

If it’s working as intended, any harvesting builds would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried using another thrall? maybe its that one specifically that has something messed up.

The 1 mil dollar question here is where is the “landslide”? :thinking:

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I bet he means Rockslide.

no, he talks about a dungeon where you farm resources with a bearer.

Oh you’re right. Ugh. Reading comprehension catastrophic failure. I need more coffee?


Silver mine. There’s a landslide inside it, where you can get something like 4k stone in less than a minute :wink:

It’s a bug, but the next update might fix it, according to this TestLive post:

I might be misinterpreting it, but I think that “the companion reappears” means that the follower will be able to follow you into the mine again. Maybe @Bevalier, who wrote that post, can clarify.

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We were thinking about that but we couldn’t figure out how silver mine can be translated in “landslide” You are probably right though. :upside_down_face:

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Could be rockslide, the entrance to the Scorpion Queen dungeon has a feature which can yield several thousand rock in one session and there’s enough iron and coal to wear out 3 star metal pickaxes. That spot.

So I’ve been in there multiple times in the past and filled up both a T3 barer thrall and a mount, but there’s no getting them in there now. I tried it on a private server, Official PVE-C and a PVP server and they just refuse to go in…I have not tried fighter thralls, but that’s only good for scorpion queen, not for harvesting. Is this the same bug/ feature that sees thralls fail to path and show up in the underwater dungeon or is this by design.

If it’s by design, it’s working flawlessly. And I still need a good harvesting build for going in there and coming out loaded with ore.


It’s a known issue that you can’t get into the scorpion cave with thralls. As far as I understand, that’s fixed on Testlive, so it’ll come out with the 2.2 patch.


Here I was assuming this was Siptah thing…

Or a spot with those rocks that fall and slide and can kill player if not launch them. XD

But no… were talking about a pile of rocks in Silvermine that can crash a ps4 if you manage to hit to may at once. XD


You all realize this thread means those rocks are gonna get converted into un-harvestable assets like the crystals further in, right?




Is it possible that the crystals can be broken down again? The mine is a good source of resources.
Why did the developers make such a decision?

As far as I know they could never be harvested.

The crystals, no; the iron/coal/stone yes and lots of it.

Good to know, thanks!


Wait…Ive farmed all those rocks several times. Is there an actual doorway behind it somewhere?

1 times out of 10 they follow you. BUT after ~5 minutes they just pop up and when you sprint deeper ino the cave they disappear. I checked with ghost mode and the cave is actually below the entrance but like hundreds of meters below, and they teleport here and there on the ground up there, or on the upper surface of the cave. So basically they follow you, but move on the wrong plane. :rofl: