Dungeon: Silver Mine

I have just tested the silver mine and can confirm that the companion reappears and the fight against the scorpion works. This means that scorpions no longer freeze in combat.

What I noticed, however, that there is an invisible wall when you walk down the path into the cave. I’ll post a screenshot later.

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That’s been there since it was released I forgot what the reason behind it was

Great news!

Yeap that’s it

The reason for the invisible wall is so you don’t fall to your death, since you can’t climb inside a dungeon.

But what if I want to fall. I’m freeee free fallen oh yeah I’m fre Fallon I’m free fallen… splat. Crowd ooooooooohhhh

That or impales… finish him. ■■■ mortal combat style

Hey @Bevalier

Thank you for the confirmation. It’s good to hear feedback that confirms some of the fixes :smiley:
Regarding the wall, we’ll send the heads-up to the team. Maybe we can find a better way to implement that safety wall. Like a fiery wall of death or an invitation to join the #spellchekker team.


A fate worse than death :wink:


i don’t understand the joke

Mostly just that being a spellchecker is a pretty thankless task - if you do your job no one notices, but if you miss even one thing you get yelled at. (Plus Ignasis deliberately misspells spellcheckers whenever he mentions them - a running joke - similar sorts of jokes are often quite common among editor/proofreader/spellchecker types, because we know how much the deliberate errors wind each other up :wink: )

Not massively funny (particularly once explained :wink: ), but it keeps us amused…


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