Large Chest Scroll Bar Bug

Lately whenever I put items into a large, iron chest once the inventory in the chest gets to the point where the scroll bar should activate to allow me to see the remaining item slots available or items in the slots that I need to scroll down to the scroll bar does not appear. I have to select how I want to view the inventory (Name, Weight or Custom) before the scroll bar will appear. Once the scroll bar appears I no longer have any issues with it not showing up.

I play SP, Exiled Lands with no mods.

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I thought I am going crazy but then I am not the only one seeing this. I have noticed that it happens when I start depositing items in a chest and I go beyond the first 6 rows. Then I should get a scroll bar but I don’t. Then I need to back out and access the chest again to see the scroll bar.


Same here, was not sure if it was me, with my chests troubles, or if it was real. :joy:

Had to come back several times to some chest to finally spot my goodies.


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