Chests and boxes do not show entire content

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ US ]
Mods?: [ Yes ]

Bug Description:

Workbenches and boxes do not Show everything that is stored inside. You have to exit the inventory and look inside again, then it will Show everything what is inside. It is always the “lower” content inside that is not showing the first try.

It happends quite often but not always. Seen it Happen with every storage that has more then 20( i have a brainfart, think is 20 slots, maybe 25 :)))) ) deposit capacity, no matter bench or chest.

Expected Behavior:

If i have 10k leather inside a, let’s say tannery, then i expect to see inside 10000 and not 9000.

Installed Mods:

Hosav UI

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Deposit something in a box or a working bench. It does not need to be full, just make sure you place them on row(horizontal) 6-7-8, so that you need to scroll in order to see the content.
  2. Look inside the box and notice that you do not see everything that you just placed inside
  3. Exit the inventory and look inside again. This time everything is there.

This happens on official servers without mods as well, to eliminate that variable.


I can confirm the same bug hepening to me as well, on Official online server on pc.


Also your inventory isn’t showing all the things if you get a lot of things from a chest.

Happens to me as well, for some time now.

It’s all about placing items on the bottom row. The scroll elevator/bar kicks on indicating there’s another row. Dragging each item down to the next row will cause the elevator to increase… until the last row is reached and the appearance is the items disappeared. So you exit and re-enter to get the updated scroll elevator/bar.

I found that instead of dragging all items to the new row at the new bottom, if you add a new item to the bottom row, the scroll elevator/bar works properly.

Clear as mud right? :thinking:

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