Regular loot box bug

Online, Official, PVP.

Go to open a lootbox and the inventory is blank, not empty, blank. Close the box, reopen, and poof, the stuff appears in the inventory.


If you take all the items go into your inventory so they are there they just aren’t displaying, as noted requires reopening the box to have them actually show.

There are no items to ‘take all’ on, since it’s a lootbox. You have to open them to see what’s inside (i.e. large chests around Sepermeru).

Open the box. Hit the Take All button on the box inventory screen or the whatever keybind you have it set to. The items not displaying will still move to your inventory. Might want to slow down and actually read what I wrote.

Thanks for the help but no need to be snippy. Just trying to help report a bug here.

Whether ‘take all’ is an option or not, it’s still a bug, which is why I’m reporting it.


I’ve been getting this on almost every container I interact with as well, since the update. Hitting take all isn’t always an option since you’ll end up with a bunch of items and extra weight you don’t want. Whether you’re the take all type or not, it’s still a bug.


At what point did I say it wasn’t a bug? I was just adding more information to the post on the bug. Nothing more or less.

Edit: Just saw that you weren’t the OP, updated to reflect that.

I have a similar issue which I have reported as well. It seems that it doesn’t affect all players though. For some, it works perfectly fine and for others, like me, we have to re-open the loot chest to see what is inside or loot all. If “loot all” is not available, then the chest is simply empty (on cooldown).

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same issue with me, i play on official siptha server. I have to open chests twice, sometimes it is more in them the second time, this started last patch

I also have the same issue. I find it annoying, but until fixed I’ll just exit the box and reenter. Takes less time than getting rid of unnecessary items.

Yeah, 3 of us on my server experience this where we have to open the loot chest twice to see the items but there is one player who says he doesn’t have the issue.


I’ve now also noticed a similar and related issue to inventories in general. I’ll open up an alchemy station, for example, and recipes will be missing. I’ll close and reopen and those previously missing recipes appear.

I’ve also noticed if I open a chest or station that has a full inventory, sometimes it won’t let me scroll down to see what else is there unless I close and reopen.

This is all on official server.

happens to me too, but I have mods that thought might have been causing it, so never reported. Glad to see others have the issue too, so it can get addressed. Close and reopen seems to work every time. Maybe 1 out of 20 will display contents the first time. Not been able to determine what makes some work and others fail.

Yes I’ve noticed this as well and I’ve started double opening everything. Even stuff that shows loot the first time often show a handful of additional items the second time.

I just posted with the exact same issue. Private server. I thought maybe it was a mod-related problem.

Same for me on unmodded server.

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