BUG - The "Take All" button is gone?

Hi Funcom.
Just some testlive feedback.
The “Take All” button is gone when I for example wanna take everything from a chest.

It’s there for me… double checked just now. :man_shrugging:

Not on my screen, its in Singleplayer tho, dunno about official servers

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I’m also playing SP…

ConanSandbox_2022_08_12_04_42_16_196 (2)

Maybe it has something to do with that summoned armor you’re wearing or that type of chest you’re looking in? :man_shrugging: Try to pinpoint the cause the best you can.

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“take all” from the tooltip was removed => intended, miss-clicking the key was more common than intended

the “take all” inside the inventory still exists

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It’s still on both, see pics above. :wink:

looks like you are the one with the issue

I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t see a “take all” option on the tooltip of containers we own


With this setting, you will see the “take all” on containers you dont own

This logic should apply to all containers:

  • I own the container: no “take all”
  • If I don’t own the container: “take all” is available

Can you test it with the wooden box?


Okay, so just not for benches, boxes and chests that we own? I looked through the patches notes quite thoroughly and didn’t see that mentioned, but I like that change. :heart_eyes:

…yes, I tested it, you seem to be corect.

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Yes I had already searched the patch notes and found nothing. I have already reported the lack in the patch notes

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