Large update disc full workaround

CE needs about 120 Gb space to execute this update it seems.

Lots of us will have games installed on an older ssd beeing about 120 gb.

So… not enuf space steam said.
!#[email protected]%

…deleted the conan folder in steam common apps and did a hail mary and restarted the update.

That worked, no questions asked. ( waah)
Not a nice way at all, but a way wich may help some of us.

No guarantees tho. Could mess up your steam internals logically , backup the lot.

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Make sure you stiff have enough free space for windows to operate.

Yeah, this really got on my nerves this morning. I’m still on the fence regarding purchasing this new map, yet from what I can gather I have to download it anyway?? That got on my nerves because my SSD only had around 40Gb of data left available yet Steam wanted to D/L a 69Gb update. I really don’t feel like playing the video game shuffle to make room off my other drive so I could put Conan over there, so I uninstalled Conan and reinstalled it. Somehow that made it work perfectly fine.

Such a pain in the ■■■, though.

I just checked the folder and its (eventho i deleted the old folder) 110 Gb !

Is that common for games these days?

…only a steam folder with steam and CE

yup, Conan is not even close to be big on drive space

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