Space issue on ssd

The game takes more and more space… i mean i don’t have the new dlc and don’t tend to have it untill we can travel between the maps. But the game downloads it to my pc, tho i have no use for it. So now 50gb of my space is occupied by something i have no use for, can you please fix this ?

This is the space after the uninstall

… it’s not okay…


Sorry but believe it or not, much of the download is actually for the Exiled Lands. There was 4556 changes done to it alone. The new map is simply reusing textures they already have. The new stuff can be used on the old map as well, armor, weapons, buildings, NPCs, etc.

Pop over to New Egg and drop a few on a larger SSD. They’re cheaper than they’ve ever been.


While this is true, there’s got to be another way.

The game shouldn’t get exponentially bigger. Given the sheer size of the recent patch, I think many of us in the community would appreciate a list of what new assets were added that added up to the insane size. If FC just added new granite materials, should’t they just be able to delete the old, less-performant ones? (Perhaps this is already done? No word from FC on this and I don’t have time to investigate ATM.) But I do have to say increasing a game’s size by more than 30 GB without good, loud warning is not great… I feel like there has to be a way to reduce the size of the game at this point without removing assets. (Just a feeling though)

EDIT: I’d like to add. I don’t mind large updates at all. But I’m also a firm believer that when someone buys a game they should in perpetuity be able to access at least the core game. The problem with MANDATORY patches like this is that it can deny people access to the entire experience, simply due to hardware limitations that weren’t part of the agreement when they hit “Buy” (as the disk space required at the time was significantly less).

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If this was a mine craft type game, I would empathize with you. But this is Conan Exiles. The most beautifully rendered sandbox game available. Two years after launch they put out their biggest update, yes… its gonna be huge. Every texture in this beautiful game is huge. As someone else said, time to upgrade to a better hard drive. Try to get a SSD, or even a NVME if your system can use it. Quieter, Faster, Bigger. Cheap too depending on the drive you pick.

Its just the laws of physics that get in the way.

This isn’t Super Mario Bros. which sits on a 16kb cart and never expands anymore. I have a few games I purchased in 2001 and 2004 who’s launchers the original PC I purchased them for can’t run because it doesn’t have enough RAM. Games that used to run on 64MB of RAM now require over 3GB.

Games which used to fit on a single CD-ROM will not even fit on a single DVD today. At this rate they may not even fit on a Blu-Ray Disc.

Games that used to run on 32-bit hardware, but now require 64 bit.

Games that used to run on a 56Kb/s dialup modem now requiring a 1Mb/s or more broadband connection.

A little extra drive space is nothing compared to needing more RAM, or an entirely new computer architecture, or an entirely new Internet Service Provider.

This is just not the world we live in. As I mentioned in the above example, even if a company didn’t update their game by that magnitude. There’s no way to run the game reliably or safely due to risks of going online with a 32bit unsupported Operating System that hasn’t had an update since before the millennium.

What you are experiencing is the fact of life with PC gaming. Though Console players are not immune to this. For example, FFXIV used to play on the PS3, but they’ve long dropped PS3 support in favor of PS4, and will likely see a shift to PS5.

Conan Exiles will likely see this push as well in the future. Maybe not for Siptah’s console release, but some time after.

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It’s not about it at all, i have hdd also, but i wanna be able to run it on the ssd. And it takes way too much space because of the later update, before it took around 60gb, now it takes 110. Because of it downloads isle of siptah too. I don’t want to play it untill they make a way to teleport between the maps. I want to play the basic game, Exile Lands. It’s the same thing it was before with the testlive servers. Later they shared them apart. They should share apart isle of siptah and exile lands. Cause there are 50 gb extra the game eats from my drive and everyone elses too. You should get an option if you want to download siptah content too (and I don’t mean the cosmetic stuff, i mean the map).

Lucky you don’t play COD: Modern Warfare then 200GB. :crazy_face:

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Funny story: I’m downloading the game for a week(!!) because steam said the update is 61ish Gb, and I had 140 Gb free space. After ~40 Gbs, steam said: NOT ENOUGH SPACE!!!
I have to delete the whole game and redownload again. It says 103 Gbs in total, it’s still plenty of free space remaining.
I started downloading, but the downloadable game is only 69 Gb, but the steam downloading folder is 103 Gbs - how?
I was at 15 Gbs, when on the next day the download restarted FROM THE BEGINNING. Only 6 Gbs left, wish me luck!

But the question is: what’s going on? How big is the update, how big is the core game, and how big in total? :joy:

About that big.

Nah, its not that girthy, that’s a bug I have with the devkit currently. I noticed an anomaly and was like wut? Somehow I’ve got some legacy stuff going on. This isn’t base game.

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I get what you mean. And I also know and understand that the games today are bigger and bigger each day, but I also know there are a lot of stuff that are crap that can be removed. Tho because of lazines or because it’s taking too much time and are too damn many, they prefer to leave it as it is. So yea, buy a bigger ssd today, buy an even better graphic card tomorrow… cause there is another change made that requires better. And so on. Buy a game, like the game, get addicted, buy all dlcs and then as time passes by “you need to buy” another pc in order to play the game. That is just sad…

PC gaming has been like this for about 40 years now.

Did you really expect to say on a Commodore 64 for a few decades? I’m being slightly sarcastic here, but just making a point that expecting devlopers not to push envelopes is a bit futile.

Alot of it comes from us consumers. We want games to look better, sound better, run better. That means they get bigger and badder. Especially when we start wanting voiced dialogue. That is where 60% or more of a game’s filesize comes from.

Sound FX can be condensed, compressed, and resampled to a degree to make them smaller. Voice cannot be touched as much. It can, but it degrades fast. So the more dialogue that is voiced, the bigger (sometimes exponentially) the game file gets.

Also if you’re buying a low end PC every year or two. Yeah the cost is going to add up. But you can upfront a decent amount and future-proof. The law of CPU’s was proven false nearly a decade ago. So you can easily make a $1800 PC that will last you between 6-8 years instead of a $800 PC every year or two. And with the RTX3000 series this is even more true.

If you get a 3080 or 3070, and stick with 1080p, you likely have purchased your last video card for a very long time. And those are the most expensive parts.

When we’re talking SSDs in the Terabytes range, they have gotten as cheap as high capacity HDD were not too long ago. Sorry but those 250GB SSDs were NEVER meant for gaming. Just for running the OS. Its why for the longest time you’d have a 250GB SSD and a 1-2TB HDD.

Now the standard going forward is 1-2TB SSD single drive, or simply two of them. You simply add more drives as you need them and forgo the HDD entirely. I don’t know why we’re complaining about this, this is something that should have become standard 10 years ago IMO. Its just taken so long for the prices to come down.

In this case, the size hasn’t changed, just the type of drive. I mean you can still load Conan and all other games on a cheap 2TB HDD right now. You have a load time when you launch the game. No biggy. I played Conan like that for over two years. I’ve only now switched to SSD because I’ve been complacent about it.

But here’s the honest truth. If you decided to PC game. You decided to spend money. This is not a cheap hobby. I’ve told people this a hundred times. If you decide to play games on a PC. You need to be prepared to spend money, and I don’t mean on the initial purchase. You need to be prepared to replace any part in that machine on the day its warranty runs out. If that’s outside your price range. Do NOT PC game.

You can say its not fair, its not right, its not ethical for things to be like this. Its irrelevant. You chose to PC game. You chose video games in general as a hobby. Its expensive. Its never been cheap. The first console I played, was a Intellivison. That cost $299 in 1979. That’s $1070 in 2020. There are much cheaper hobbies out there, believe me.

I know all of this, but what I meant was something else. And no I don’t have a low end pc, it’s not that, that was just generally speaking. I agree with what you say, just that with every update you need more performant parts each time to keep the ultra high performance you are used to going on. And about the ssd… I’m not playing multiple games and stuff. I’m playing CE and The Forest. I got nothing else in this pc, cause i don’t need to, so the 60gb the game used before was ok. What i’m saying is that there are 50gb more that is somehow occupiyng. If I don’t want to play on isle of septah map, why do i need to have it downloaded for no damn reason? Same way if you don’t play on the testlive servers, why have them downloaded and take space? That’s my question. Not about performance/pcparts.

Here’s the simple answer.

Funcom had to make a choice. Either have you download an extra few GB. Or have players like me have to maintain two clients, two workshops, two dedicated server tools, and so forth. They literally had to make a choice between you and I.

Now… it would have been more work for them to choose to make a different game installation on Steam and trying to keep parity (they already have a chore with this keeping parity between PC and Consoles).

So it would have been more work for them, more work for players like me who use mods. Or they could have just combined it into one thing and had everyone download it all in on go. They chose the latter because it was easy, its one and done, and things go back to normal development for them.

To put it shortly, they don’t want to manage another branch. They’ve got PC, PC Test, Xbox, and PS4. They didn’t want to do number 5 which would require setting up another Steam Workshop that would be identical to the current one.

I don’t believe modders would be happy about having two workshops, which could and likely would mean two devkits. If you think a 60GB download is bad. Imagine having a 230GB one like us modders have. And then another branch would mean another 230GB? Should modders have a 400+GB download so yours can be cut by 50GB?

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