Back in action! (or maybe not enough space?)

Hi fellas I was considering to come to play in the exile lands
once more but I ‘ve got a lil’ issue here.
The game has became too large to install due to all DLC present in the patches (even if you do not bought a DLC you have it anyway in your memory storage)…
Ok the question is:
Is it possibile to install the game without the DLC contents and so keeping it as light as possible?
(PS4 offline user here)

The answer is gonna be no you can’t. The game files have the DLC in them so that when you play on a server that has some DLC built on it, you can see it. It is intertwined with the game files. So even if you don’t own the DLC you can’t make the files any smaller.


As I suspected, thanks for the reply, it was worth give it a try and ask for some clarifications and possibile solutions for offline players as I am.
No re-installing then.
Farewell exile lands

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Thank you but no: I possess the day one physical copy so no chance to manage what to import into my console. Thanks anyway for the consideration

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There is always the external hard drive. Not sure how to set one up sure . someone here could help. Bought one to back up my pc .

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An external hard drive would be a great option as @sestus2009 mentioned I personally play CE with one and it makes a huge difference in how well the game performs. I would recommend using a SSD but even a standard external hard drive will work. It’s easy to set up plug it in via USB and the PS4 will ask your a few questions and boom ready to go.


Basically the fact of the matter is…
Why should I fill my console with packages I will not use?
I find it wrong and viscious.
I fully understand the goal of this mechanism: if I play online I can “see” what others have bought and feel “compelled” to buy, but I’m not an online player, not in Conan Exiles, not in any other game.

I know I’m a minority , but still the fact of the matter remains, I do not want things into my “space” that I will not use. it’s “my space”
(LOL) and I want to put only what I want in it, not a massive Giga storage hidden behind a paywall.
And no, I’m tired of hearing: “if you want to play better add this or that to your console”… if you develop a game for a -basic- console your game MUST work as well for this -basic- platform.
Elsewhere develop games for PC only.

Again, probably I’m a real minority in this world of massive connection where leeching the users with any kind of G.A.S. possible is the key for a software house, but I started playing videogame 40 years ago? (I’m 46 now) and the videogame world was somehow -equal- for all “nerds” like me
(today is considered cool be a -gamer- only because being a -gamer- makes you a buyer), but I still feel that weirdo-nerd that prefer stay alone rather than share his gaming with others.

I think I’m about to change this monologue in a sort of anti-capitalism thread which, probably, would bore most of the readers; I apologize for the length and the off topic-ing.
Thank to all who joined the thread and gave me some advice nonetheless!

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Yeah Im largely the same Tselem. I prefer to play offline and alone, and I hate how almost all games nowadays have to have some kind of forced online or multiplayer mode or component shoehorned into them. To some genres like my preferred Survival Horror, it is actually destructive to them and the fundamental core playstyle of the game.

Dont. Talking politics here will get a thread closed down fast. And frankly Im glad too. We can read about that on every last nook and cranny of the internet, and it is so in our face nowadays. Im glad that we get a break from it when I come to the forum.

You could uninstal all of the updates and reinstal the base disc version. But then you would lose not only the free updates such as Pets, Horses, Dungeons and the Unnamed City updates. You would also not have the Jungle, Frozen North or Volcano biome. Ie-not an ideal outcome.

As Wak, Sestus and Shadoza noted, if this is just about the numbers and a lack of space, I would highly recommend buying an External HD for 2 reasons. The first is that the game will run slightly better. The second is this. Conan Exiles is still looking at around another ~ 1 year of active development. Put the dlc aside for a moment, and in that time there will be additional free content updates. Furthermore, we will be getting the Map Expansion later this year, so if you want to experience either or both, you are really only delaying the inevitable, as I imagine the map expansion will be a BIG update. So if this is the issue, I would just bite the proverbial bullet and buy an External HD. But of course, this is all your call Tselem.


I find nothing wrong in this statement. I’m not a console user, though, so maybe there’s some aspect of it I don’t know.

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Seems most games you buy today New on disc can barely function if at all with out a online connection to get the game up and running. No wonder people download games today disc doesn’t seem to have anything stored on it.


The ps4 pro is recommended over the old ps4. If you do have an old ps4, using the SSD may help as one solution.

P.S. I saw an ad yesterday about an 8TB SSD. No complaints it’s faster than the HD/disq.

My first encounter with that was Bethesda’s Skyrim. I was always so used to having the game on disc and I liked having an original archive copy. I still do. Bought Skyrim when it first came out, and there was a disc in the case, but it was a music CD, and I had to download some program called “Steam” that I had never heard of before and felt it was a completely unnecessary extra step in the process. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Steam ever since.

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As I already stated ‘bout myself: I’m not a modern player (refuse to say gamer) and so I’m fully aware of being a minority, but I still claim that I only want to pay what I can really use.
You wanna create DLC, MAPS, Biomes. Aesthetics and more’ I’m not against it, but I feel rather angry if you put 'em behind a paywall in my console, if I do not pay 'em I do not want to “have” 'em, simply as that…
I do not fall for any “requirements” needed, I bought this game when you could not even complete the “main story” due to (amongst all other) Razma’s door bug and somehow the game is not still “finished”.
Installing the game with no patches at all will mean also not having basic games fixes such as the mentioned Razma’s issue so… well.
PS5 maybe is coming up, it probably will cost “some munne” well… I think I will redirect my future -videogame shopping- somewhere else.

Anyway thanks to all for participating and helping me in this thread!

My wife and I preordered Skyrim for the ps3 playing all the time then bought game of the year for ps4 great game.

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Got it fro Free a few months ago with PS+. :grin:

Siempre puedes añadir un disco duro

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