Why is the console version so big? (Poll included)

  • Continue with the PS4 version after upgrading the internal HDD
  • Wait until I get a new PC and stick with the PC version.
  • Why not both?

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I’ve recently had to uninstall Conan Exiles from my PS4 due to it’s sheer size, even having the game on disc, it’s taking over 85GB of space on my PS4’s 1 TB external HDD. This however doesn’t mean I’ve quit playing the game entirely, I just don’t feel justified keeping it on there if I play it infrequently, it feeling somewhat repetitive and it takes such a large chunk of space. I can even name a few other games I have that I would argue have more content that take considerably less space than Conan Exiles, such as;
Final Fantasy XIV (41.31 GB)
LittleBigPlanet 3 (14.95 GB)
Bloodborne (36.50 GB)
Monster Hunter: World (20.50 GB)
No Man’s Sky (11.03 GB)

I haven’t decided whether it’s better to simply wait until I’ve upgraded my PS4’s internal HDD to something larger than it’s default 500 GB or just wait until I get the new PC later on this year and just stick to the PC version. Both will have pros and cons, some of which I see some as;

PS4 Pros;

  • No need to worry about meeting system requirements.
  • Able to play without internet connection (Since there’s no Denuvo DRM).

PS4 Cons;

  • Slower load times.
  • That loud as hell cooling fan on the PS4 (Yes, I clean the vents regularly).

PC Pros;

  • Mods.
  • Faster load times.

PC Cons;

  • Unable to play without internet connection.
  • Needing to worry about meeting system requirements.

So I’ll open a poll and see what the general consensus is on what the better decision might be.

I think one big thing to consider is whether you intend to play other games with high system requirements on your new PC. If you’re going to buy a gaming PC, I suggest not going for a cheap one. A good PC bought now (and maintained well) will serve you for years to come, letting you enjoy other games beside Conan Exiles, too.

But if you’re only, or mostly, going to play Conan Exiles, investing into a new PC that is able to run the game with high settings may not be worth it.

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I do plan on buying a gaming PC, because my laptop can only run a very small amount of my Steam library, I think the most visually demanding game it can currently run is Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Well, I guess this answers to your concern regarding system requirements on PC. Get one that matches or (preferably) exceeds the recommended system requirements, and you’ll be golden.

I don’t know where you live so I don’t know how big a deal it is that the game requires an internet connection. Living in Finland I occasionally forget that not everyone in the world has unlimited access to internet all the time.

I live in Australia, it’s not so much data limits that are an issue with internet here, it’s the speed, ours is among some of the slowest in the world.

Offline Mode Mod


Thanks for that, @Multigun, I’ll be looking through more mods closer to when I do get that PC.

What would be the price limit? 1000$ ? 2000$ ?

Not sure how it compares, but the PC version of Conan is 72GB. Ark is 95gb, The Division 2 is 60 something. Open world games, especially loot heavy, graphics intensive games, are pretty big. The exception being games like Rust and 7 Days, but those aren’t exactly graphics intensive.

In regards to choosing PS4 vs PC, if you build a PC using current parts, even lower end ones, you’ll be able to play the game. Not on highest settings, but unless you go out and buy secondhand or old parts and go ultra cheap, you should be ok.

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Don’t particularly have a limit, but I’d say $2000 AUD would be roughly what I’d pay.

External Hard Drive. (if you have spare HDD, you can drop 30$ on external case and cords pack)

I have 500gb + old ps3 500gb hd in a external.

Fo76, Destinty II, Conan Exiles NA AND EU versions. Monster Hunter World (thou is only up to 38gb or something) I have abunch of small games about.

Only one I gave up was ESO, once it pass 100gb, it was just to much pain to push games around to update it. I try to keep 100gb free, so games can update.

If you got a good PC… i’d stick with that. FOR CE, you’ll get Mods and better patch times.

Personally I love console gaming, to sitting in other room with my PC. Just to costly to set up PC in living room… itlest in manner I want anyway.

But External Drive is great way to go on Ps4, allows you to put alot of digital games away. (you can even play from external drive depending on cord you have)

So that’s 1232,85€.

Hmm, maybe an RTX 2060 Super would be good. If RTX is not important for you, a GTX 1660 TI or GTX 1080 will work too (I am just translating EU prices to AUS dollar, might differ for you)

CPU is irrelevant as long as it’s an i7 X700k. X is the generation which should not be lower than 6.

I bought me a PC in october last year for 3000€.
RTX 2080 and i9 9900K. Conan runs super well on it.

Buy gamer PC and be happy :wink:

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