Console vs PC play/performance

which version should i play, hmm? PC seems to be getting hotfix and updates fast and PCs also seem to be handling the lag/sound/animation issues. consoles have been patched and patched with promise of performance fix for over 1 year now.

at what point will poor console play be acknowledged? compared to ark, FO76, MC (which also have their issues on console), CE is by far the worst port of a survival game yet IMO.

when will the broken console versions be fixed???

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Well if you want to play Conan Exiles with any of the mods that players have created then PC is the only option for that.

Some of us on PC have more than our share of performance issues and bugs too. And even though PC might be getting hotfixes and updates fast, they fix one thing and break others like clockwork.
The grass doesn’t seem to be greener on either side of the fence between PC and console. This game just plain old needs a lot of work.
Which version should you play? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it probably won’t matter.

You have much more control on PC. You can use all the variety of mods and if you play SP you can even edit your saved games with some type of SQlite editor. I vote for PC! Not even speaking of nudity settings :wink:

Hello Castle. I have played on both console (PS4) and PC. I enjoyed both experiences but the PC version runs smoother and receives updates faster. The console experience was relaxing due to being able to sit back on the couch however.

Ronnie Crabapple


I’m the same with Ronnie. I played both PC and console, and like Ronnie, my PC version ran faster and got updates faster, but the console experience was much more relaxing with a big screen TV, controller, and sitting on the couch.


Once again, PC rules over consoles.

Easier to develop for, easier deployment, better mod support, more control over graphics etc. with custom INI configurations.

The only benefit of consoles is that they are cheap and easy to use. Put in the disk and play. And when developers optimize their games like crazy for console (only). Like they did with for example Uncharted.


I’m with Ronnie and Nymphonic on the couch culture. Cross-player here: many of my console friends do not have the means to buy what they consider to be an OP computer. I have always felt this way, I am very grateful to the PC community for not feeling cheated that dev time was spent on my PS4 port. I believe this game is great, and should be more available, and frankly I’m happy to play with console pals again. :smiley:

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I enjoy the console more. For some reason Conan Exiles is just a kick back on the couch and chill type game. I would love to be able to do a few mods but not enough to give up the couch experience lol.

I can connect my RTX card to my TV, pick up the Xbox controller and have the Same experience.

My condo set up doesn’t work that way though, TV and desktop are in different rooms.

well, with PC - the only limit is your budget… for the most part.
(and that most games are ‘downgraded’ to match consoles…) :stuck_out_tongue:

But, mods… Skyrim is a blast with mods - haven’t modded Conan yet, though.

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