Sharp DECREASE in performance for CE after PS4 system update 6.50

Game mode: [Online | PS4 Pro]
Problem: [Performance | Misc]
Region: [US/EU]

It was too good to be true I guess.
The game started to run decently for me on PS4 Pro after the last performance patch.
With the installation of the PS4 system update 6.50, beside the ultra-reported problems of connectivity ( that of course, I do experience as well) I noticed a sharp decrease in performance for Conan Exiles.

Stuttering is back, checking decay timings with the repairing hammer, stutters, running full speed around, stutters, loading other players built structures quickly, stutters.

Lower FPS, by far, I think I have lost a solid 5 to 10 fps everywhere. This is the most noticeable decrease probably for the game running on my system.

Texture streaming is back to few seconds delay.

And all this running the game from a SSD…

I hope the devs will be able to counter the destructive (for the game) PS sytem update quickly, because CE wasn’t exactly already in good shape on PS4.

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This looks concerning.
Is this issue happening to anyone else?

Yes, I have the same, the worst is in the Supermeru village, there is about 15FPS.

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I haven’t noticed anything on the private server I am on currently.

Is not unplayable, but if you have a trained eye with CE, you notice that after the system update the game surely took a step back, performance-wise, a consistent one.

As an Offline Singleplayer there has been no discernable difference in my games performance thus far.

I have experienced the opposite effect since the update. In the past I’ve had shutters, walk into walls when approaching bench’s or using a repair hammer and so on. Since the patch I’ve seen much less of that. I’m running PS4 PRO, external hard drive for installed games, physical copy of CE, boost mode enabled, on an average of 40mbs download speed. Playing on official server 3890 which is pretty well populated. Hope this helps.

Will try and check it out over the weekend. I really hope performance hasn’t taken another step backwards as the last patch seemed to improve it somewhat.

I’m actually downloading the free trial on PC to compare the two versions.

Happy to report, that after Firmware Compatibility Patch things are back to normal.
Further more, I have the impression that the game with this last patch has progressed performance-wise.
I guess…well done.

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I have seen a drop in stuttering in general, but I was checking bases with a repair hammer and experienced massive stuttering. By that, I mean every few seconds. I would stutter and be halfway across the base in an instant.

I am using a PS4, SSD external drive, on a populated server.

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Hey @speedice

That issue should be significantly alleviated with the upcoming building optimizations.

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I’m guessing the optimizations are coming with the new patch in how long? The game’s getting tedious. New content would help.


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