Conan 1 month after PS5

I understand Conan PC is going through some hard times right now after the big patch and many hotfixes and with all the negative threads out I wanted to put out a semi-positive one.

I must say going from PS4pro to PS5 was a big boost in morale for me. I unfortunately got very accustomed to the many glitches and flaws of the game that it doesn’t bother me any longer. But the long load times and often blue screen game crashes were really taking a toll on my gaming experience.

I have been playing CE on the same official server for a little over 2 years now on PS4 Pro. Near my main base, I have accumulated so much decay loot over the years that going near it was almost impossible without blue screening or lagging. I always blamed the servers or the game itself.

Switching to PS5 (for me atlest) has drastically changed everything. Load times on the first load are quicker. I’m not waiting 10mins anymore to wait for doors, lights, boxes, thrall to load in. My storage area while still not 100% lag-free it no longer looks like I’m getting 5fps while it loads in nor do I blue screen.

I don’t know why I’m so excited about something the game should already be doing but even with the normal glitches and problems, CE on PS5 has definitely made the game better IMO.


My ps5 desires have everything to do with CE. Its good to hear that my anticipation is well founded. I found adding an ssd to my pro was a big boost, but I’m looking forward to an even bigger boost.


Cyberpunk 2077 is double the speed at everything fps wise. If it was 30 on the pro then it is 60 on the 5.

I expected CE to have a similar boost, but the lastest RT cards have the lead.

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Good to hear. I like to get one but I would have to purchase 2 of them may wait awhile.


Did you install a SATA 3 SSD in your PS4 Pro ?

Btw going from PS4 Pro to PS5 is like upgrading your PC from AMD FX-8350 and Radeon RX 480 to AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz and RX 5700 XT.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:, I suppose you can start buying one for your wife first, be the white Knight my friend and when she sleeps, it’s yours :wink:.


My dear friend if I could press 50 times the like button I would do it, still I am very happy for you, honestly. Our gaming time is precious, at this time we teleport away from reality and it is very important everything to flow smoothly. For me however ps5 is a next year goal. I have to change my TV set first because it is a full HD 1080 Sony Bravia 42 inch 14 years old. I cannot think that an 8K machine will perform correctly to this screen :joy::joy::joy:. So, first TV then ps5.


I would have to get her one first. after 40 years you.Learn the proper order of things. Not that I haven’t screwed that up a few times. Hey she put up with me all these years. She deserves the PS5 first. Your tv will probably handle it even if you make a adjustment to the PS5.


Yeah I added a samsung evo 860 awhile ago load times were faster than the standard drive the pro comes with but in conan it barely made a difference when it came to performance.

Conan works natively on the PS5? That’s pretty awesome.

Now we just gotta get Sony to let you all use Mods. Sounds like you all have the specs for them now.


Of course she does, this and many more, all the money for your honey. I am 21 years with my Angelika, I know exactly why they say in the wedding day… For the good and the bad…

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I doubt the PS4 wasn’t strong enough for some mods. It’s because it is a closed platform, where you can’t manipulate game/system files.

The other option would be to support it through an ingame mod library. But that would cost extra for Funcom (develop this feature and host the servers that hold the mods for download). And they are not as healthy financially as Bethesda or Valve.

Bethesda/PS4 allows what I can only assume are pre-approved mods in Fallout4. I don’t think it has anything to do with the power for PS4 but more so the hosting of the content.

Sony would want a fee or royalty check for every download if they hosted the content. When you download a mod in fallout you are getting it directly from a Bethesda server. Conan does not have that type of money to support dedicated servers for data.

Still waiting on glass windows :slight_smile:


You also have Mods installed with game in updates to. Thou not best example… Ark has several maps made by Mod community, that were added to main install of game.

Even a conversion mod (primitive +) thou lack of updates to fix issue show some of problems with it. Not sure if its on modders or wildcard on that one… some of 1-2+ year bugs that have gone unfixed…

Partly true, since Ps4 and Xbox versons for Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE both have limits on amount you can have on. (do to memory limits) In general you can do quite alot before you hit the limit. Inless you fully adding in crazy amount of stuff.

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