External Drive Performance experience

Game mode: Online Official Server 3890
Problem: Performance
Region: USA

I wanted to share my experience with everyone regarding hardware when it comes to playing Conan Exiles. I know that many people struggle with Lag and shuttering. I recently had a chance to test the internal drive and an external SSD I have also used an external HD. I’ve used an external HD for many years with the PS4 to store more games. I’m currently playing on a PS4 Pro with with super sampling enabled. I had a Samsung 500 gb HD before. Now I’m using a San Disk 500 gb external SSD. Same internet, same system, and same server. I think the video shows it all. If you have the ability I recommend getting an external drive, not only for Conan but for all your gaming. I can actually tell a difference in the performance of other games as well.

I’m posting this in the PS4 Updates and Bugs because I think it has the best chance of being seen by the people that it would benefit.

Video Comparison

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I found the same to be true for the xbox. Adding an external ssd reduced lag and load time considerably. I bought the Seagate drive cobranded for the xbox. This has come up a few times and group consensus always is, if you can afford get it.

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Hello and thanks for the video comparaison, I really appreciate the time you’ve spent specially because I’m heavily concerned about those stutters
However, it’s just a “workaround”, it may be better for the gaming experience but most of the time it’s only for the loading times, assets in other games render properly and this upgrade still cost ~70$ just for Conan Exiles to be working a little better (you still have some stutters even with and SSD at 3:38 & 6:20 but in general it’s FAR better I have to admit)
Any games I’ve played before didn’t need an SSD (RDR2, GoW,Destiny 2 and more are huge to load) to run normally without any stutter
Now I hope the mod response won’t be the same as yours, buying an 500gb SSD just to run Conan Exiles a little better isn’t the way to go

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Why should i buy a ssd for my ps4 pro if i still have 560 gb left. Funcom should fix it for the ps pro. I dont need to play alot of games thats Why i got So much space left. I never had So much Lag issues till the ps+gamers came here. I just want a real fix :imp:

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They just need to fix they must solve the probleem not us. I just want to play


If you read through the forum you will see that many of the PC users have performance issues. This game is very hard on our systems. If it’s difficult for a computer to render it’s going to be much harder for a console.

The larger the player bases are, the more objects used, and especially the more lights placed all slow down and over extend the console’s ability to run the game well.

Using an ssd allows your console to access the information quicker and handle the load better. Sorry, it’s not a technical answer. There have been more detailed ones in the past.

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I never had this issui before till the hotfix came. I have the same base the same stuff the same lights the same every thing but its the hotfix or maybe something else but not that now i need a ssd. Why telling People to get a ssd if its not about it. Why should i pay 80 euro for something what used to work perfectly but with the fix or maybe because of the New ps+players that there is building everywhere not my problem. The problem is for the ps4 pro that they should look on it.

And btw i tested this on my other building by other place. That building is So small with 1 Light and 1 thrallwheel and still i must wait more than 15 min to load the trallwheel we need a real fix and not a temporary :expressionless:

Ah… there could be other issues with the hot fix. Check the forum for other reports and posts.

If you’re playing on a full server it can slowdown.

I was only chiming in that the is general overall performance improvement when you add an ssd to your CE experience.

Hope they will fix it soon i just want to play i love this game. Luckily that the purge meter isnnt full yet or i would be in a mess with dyin thralls and such :sweat_smile:

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@KillerQueen There’s no doubt that the game still needs improvement and fixes. Not even the Funcom team is denying that and I think that they do make progress towards a better experience.

However the progress of a game originally made for PC will always be limited by hardware on consoles. There’s just not that much you can upgrade on a console like you can on a PC.

For a PC player they may have to purchase a new video card, motherboard, additional Ram to play a different game.

No one is arguing that Funcom shouldn’t focus on fixes and you’ve made your point clear that you are expecting that from them.

The point of my post is that there is something people can do to Midgate the lag and shutter that they experience should they want to purchase an external drive to do so.

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I still say they should give us the option to lower the texture quality. I’d rather play it looking like a ps3 game but buttery smooth than not being able to see what’s attacking me. Tbh though I’m not having many performance issues atm on official PvP server on ps4 pro. Could be luck, could be that I’m still very early in the game. Just moved off “noob river” (yes cleaned up my old base. Lol)

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@Wak4863 great video btw. Thank you for sharing your exp. Been considering a ssd just for quicker load times.

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@Drizzt I noticed the biggest difference between the regular external HD and the external SSD in map room jumps to obelisks. There are likely other differences that I haven’t noticed. But waiting on a load screen is pretty easy to measure.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We shouldn’t need to buy a new drive for our consoles just for one game when most other developers can get their games running just fine on the stock hardware. Funcom need to invest more time and money on the console versions and get them up to scratch. It’s a disgrace.


Great video! Can someone recommend a internal SSD for PS4 Pro? If I remember correctly it’s easy to change the internal HD. Don’t want a external one.

@Padchi I would recommend sticking to a brand name. Samsung, San Disk, Seagate. Read some reviews before you buy. I know Best Buy had a 500 GB Samsung SSD on sale last week for $124.99. You might check Newegg and eBay as well. I haven’t tested any long enough to point you at a single product.

@dreamstation how about Funcom limits the building size, shrinks the map to half and removes all DLC from the console version. That should about fix it. They could also make it look like Minecraft and your lag issues would be solved.

I’m guessing that your passionate about the game and that you really want to play it without issue. I don’t think that’s a bad thing and I think Funcom hears you and will do everything they can without removing content to make it work.

The game is simply more then the PS4 can handle. I personally was not impressed by the specs from the PS4 or Pro when they launched but I’m a PS fanboy so I buy them anyway. PlayStation stuck a small, cheap, and slow hard drive in all their systems.

I have not owned a PS system that I have not upgraded the hard drive or added an external. All games play better that way. Just so happens that it’s extremely noticeable on Conan Exiles because they have build a massively awesome game.

I don’t feel that it’s all Funcoms fault nor that it is disgraceful. I do think that they have done a decent job bringing a PC game (that probably should have been PC exclusive) to consoles.

I said it before and I’ll say it again it’s not uncommon for PC gamers to buy new hardware to support a game. As console players we are spoiled in the sense that we don’t have to do that or can’t really. Most games fit into a nice box that run on the console smoothly over a period of 10 years until the next console drops. While the PC world is ever changing and adapting to the new requirements to play the game. Maybe we just need PS5 to play Conan Exiles without upgrading a hard drive.


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