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So this week I have been running into issues of significant lag and such with playing Conan. However I notice the lag is maintained on the PS4 Homescreen and have two days where the system crashed…so I have a question over this…has the game been vetted with external drive access on the PS4? I know very few of us users do the full application on the external drive but I enjoy 8TB worth of instant access gaming…however I have been questioning if Conan is too much for this connection or not. Anyone else having issues with Conan and running it via external drives?

If USB has reverted to 2.0, with Normal HD? I would assume some issues.

I’m using USB 3.0, SSD (WD-Black) No issues, alot better load times.
I still get freeze up when to much is going on, weird texture loads, pauses when firing arrows from time to time.

I have an old external 5 Gbps (3.1 Gen1) and the game stutters and lags at the main cut scene (couldn’t skip it until that lag was done). Once moved to the internal SSD that issue went away.

However, all other issues introduced with 2.3 did not go way so, I am hoping that 2.5 fixes things.

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