Game stability while running external drive

I have noticed an uptick in PS4 system crashes since the Siptah update to where my external drive needs repaired about every two weeks on average. It always occurs when in the Conan app. Does anyone know if Sony reviews game loads via external drive in their certificate process?..and maybe this is why certification takes a while… something in the coding of Conan messes with the external drive on some way?

On Sony’website they state that not all drivess are compatible and make no claim regarding the certification process for the use of the drives.

What type of drive do you have, there were to responses to your last post regarding this same issue.

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i am running Conan on an external HDD and i have no issues at all , i was using the internal HDD as well to check out the issues with the Lag spikes but moved it to external again.

The only reason which happens to me that the HDD needs to be “repaired” is , if it got disconnected or looses power

Could it be something to do with the type of drive? Like SSD etc?

I played Conan for almost six months on an SSD external HDD. It worked very well.

I now play on an internal SSD, and have enjoyed the fast performance and no issues (other than the usual bugs etc).

And the other thought I had was the quality of the drive- cheap versus expensive. I run a Samsung SSD, and I don’t get issues.

Does this information help?

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